Scalp Cleansing 101: Which products to Use, how to do it and More

If you thought hairwash days were all about hair, you need a little insight on scalp cleansing. You may question if you wash your hair and have squeaky clean scalp, what more is there to know about hair wash, turns out, a lot. Your scalp goes through a lot through the day, and of course while you are asleep (think dusty pillow cases) and if you are big on dry shampoo and other hair products, you need a little more than a hair wash. Washing your hair and scalp with your holy grail of shampoo conditioner combo isn’t enough especially with product buildup and clogged hair follicles making your hair look dull and scalp, well, pretty greasy. Enter scalp cleansing.

Most of us are satisfied with a quick hair wash twice a week with just a little scrubbing but our hair health needs more than that. Scalp care means longer and healthier hair from roots and its benefits are way too many to ignore.

Why is scalp cleansing important? 

Before we get into the details of scalp cleansing, let us know why exactly is scalp cleansing so important. Once you know the benefits of scalp cleansing it will get easier to follow the routine and know what your hair has been missing out on.

How to cleanse your scalp?

Better hair health begins from the root and reflects through the lengths and that is why it becomes imperative to extensively care for your scalp. Begin your scalp routine with an effective scalp massage. Massaging your scalp gently with oil  promotes blood flow which in turn helps your hair grow quicker and stronger. You achieve healthier locks by either spending your Sundays with a therapeutic massage or by sparing a minute in shower to massage your scalp while shampooing your hair.

SPF for scalp: we cannot stress enough on the importance of SPF even if its your scalp. You head out in the sun layered with sun protectant creams, so why not your scalp? Always leave the house with either a cap or a hat on if you anticipate staying out in the scorching heat. Do not forget to apply generous amount of heat protectant to keep the lengths of your hair safe from sun damage.

Diet: Just as your diet shows results on your body, maintaining a healthy diet for your hair needs will show its effects on your scalp’s health. Nutritious meals with protiens will help keep your scalp moisturised and reduce any scalp irritation. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and healthy fats need to be incorporated in your everyday meal.

Using a natural scalp cleanser: with constant exposure to heat and dirt, the last thing your scalp needs is chemicals. Add a natural scalp cleanser into your routine that is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, and silicones. A natural scalp cleanser will help you get rid of product builup, dead skin, and retain your natural scalp moisture. If you are looking for a natural scalp cleanser, you can try the Coco Soul’s natural scalp cleanser with goodness of virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic herbs.

How to use a scalp cleanser:


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