Selecting a Power Supply for a Computer

 Selecting a Power Supply for a Computer

UPS is the abbreviated form of the Uninterrupted Power Supply. The function of the UPS is as its name reflects to protect the computers. So, it can be regarded as the power protection pack for the computers used for personal or official purposes.

Advantages of the UPS system

UPS system acts as the Backup power (สำรองไฟ, which is the term in Thai) for the system. The usage of the UPS system helps in solving three major problems.

This Includes:

  • It protects the computers against the voltage deviations, which is beyond the permissible margins. Hence, the entire hazardous phenomenons which are related to the high voltage issue are avoided.
  • It helps to continue with the working operation even upon the mains outage. Therefore, the batteries provide all the support systems in continuing the works.
  • It helps in the graceful shutdown procedure. Hence, once all the information on the computer is stored on the hard disk, the computer gets turned off in order. So, even if the mains outage, the UPS battery capacity is enough to shut down the computer in an orderly manner.

There are three main Technologies for UPS. This includes the Offline UPS, Line Interactive UPS, and Online Double Conversion. Offline one provides a basic level of protection. It protects against the voltage surges as well as the outages. Moreover, even during the tome of voltage deviations, it extends its Backup power support. They are put in use for the home in stable environments. Now, the Line-interactive UPS acts as the power conditioner. They are the automatic voltage regulator which auto maintains the voltage deviation without any battery assistance. It is a cost-effective official solution for the people. However, Online UPS is preferred for critical applications, which required the UPS redundancy to achieve higher reliability. Hence, it manages all the grid disturbances by providing extend back up time.

Now, the Uninterruptible power supply price (ราคาเครื่องสำรองไฟ, term in Thai) depends on the type of UPS stem you are opting for. So, while selecting one, you must make consider the power consumption of the load, the required run time you would want, the type of load machine you are making use of, the environment in which the UPS system will be placed and most importantly your budget.

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