Several great reasons to use bamboo as a garden solution

 Several great reasons to use bamboo as a garden solution

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in anyone’s lives, if sometimes a little daunting. There’s so much to think about regarding utilities. That’s before even considering decorating and furnishing the place and what fixtures and fittings needs urgent attention.

Then of course there’s the garden. To many gardening and doing something with the free land can strike terror into hearts. To others, it’s a great opportunity to create something beautiful or a chance to grow things and help towards a bit of self-sufficiency. Something that should certainly be considered for use in houses open space are bamboo stakes.

Here are 4 great reasons for using bamboo in the garden.

  1. Bamboo and bamboo stakes have a host of benefits while increasing the gardens aesthetic appeal and practicality. When using them as stakes to offer protection to plants, bamboo is three times stronger than wooden stakes of similar diameter. It is even stronger than steel regarding to tensile strength. Along with its strength it is also lightweight, and inexpensive. Your bamboo stakes will be weather resistant and easy to replace if inadvertently damaged.
  2. Your garden crops will remain upright with hardy bamboo stakes protecting them, meaning that it is extremely practical for planting and ensuring you will have the fruits of your labour to enjoy later. The adaptability of bamboo stakes means that it can be used it as a planter for smaller plants like flowers or even as a form of decoration. Maybe it can be used as part of some form of landscaping. If you cannot find the exact shade of bamboo you want, you can customise your bamboo’s colour by painting or staining it.
  3. Bamboo is pliable and is relatively easy to cut and bend so it can be used for various crafts and DIY projects to spruce up the look of your garden. Its aesthetic appeal adds a natural aura to the surroundings and offers a serene sanctuary. 
  4. Using bamboo stakes and around the garden will make it eco-friendly as an area of bamboo creates 35% more oxygen than an area of hardwood trees while taking in four times as much carbon dioxide, which in turn helps slow global warming, so users will be helping future generations and the planet.

Here are a few fantastic ways to utilise bamboo in your garden

  1. A bamboo trellis will support high climbing plants like vine vegetables, pole beans, cucumbers, and flowers. Perhaps a visit to a garden show may offer you inspiration.
  2. A privacy screen is an aesthetic accompaniment to offer you a secluded area to relax and enjoy the sun.
  3. Bamboo wind chimes will add a unique feature when added to with wooden beads and odd cuts of bamboo. 
  4. A bamboo fence is easy to install and is more attractive to other alternatives.

Bamboo and bamboo stakes offer a strong, aesthetic alternative to wood or even steel in the garden and is also good for the environment meaning it is an excellent option especially for novices.


Gill Daniel

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