Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Fundraising for School

 Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Fundraising for School

Once again, the start of a new school year is fast approaching, and schools are busy preparing for the opening of classes. This is also the time when schools are busy preparing for new fundraising activities. Why plan for fundraising activities when schools earn money from tuition fees? It would be easy to think or say that tuition fees can cover all the costs of running a school. But in fact, with all the needs of a school in building maintenance, equipment upgrades, renovations, need for new books, art supplies, office supplies, staff salary, etc., tuition fees cannot merely be enough.  To learn more about the best fundraising methods, you can check out Fundraising Zone.

There are so many ideas for a school fundraiser. However, choosing the proper fundraiser will primarily depend on the needs of the school, and of course, the goals that need to be achieved. As mentioned earlier, there are various needs that the school is obliged to attend. Small supplies may need small funding and obviously, bigger goals like new computers, new classrooms, and room renovations may require a huge amount of funds. With this in mind, a school would have an idea of how much money is needed to raise.

Small budget needs, although not requiring a very huge amount of money, can still be eating a valuable portion of the school budget. This valuable portion could be allocated in a more important expense. The following are some of the simplest fundraising activities for schools that don’t require much effort and upfront costs. Best of all, they are fun and simple that students can enjoy.

Spare Change Challenge

Spare change may represent a very small amount of money, but remember, there is power in numbers. Spare change, when collectively put together in a container could add up to hundreds of dollars. Enough to fund the need of a school to support their small supplies budget. How does a spare change challenge work? Simply ask each class to join the challenge. Each class has to provide a canister. Students can make good use of their creativity by putting on some designs for each container. Teachers participate by encouraging students to bring from home their parents’ spare changes. A letter can be provided for the parents to understand the goals of the fundraiser. The class that has the largest amount of money collected will be declared the winner. As a reward, the organizer can set aside an amount of money enough to provide like an ice cream party to the winning class. The rest of the money collected will go to the fundraiser.

Organize a Fundraising Fun Run

Students love the outdoors, and occasional out-of-the-classroom activities may help them ease classroom boredom. Students, teachers, and parents can all participate in the fun run. To make the event even funnier, the organizer may encourage each participant to wear funny costumes that can be made from recyclable materials. Encourage everyone to donate at least a dollar for the event and see how the money adds up to hundreds or even thousands.

These are just a few examples of how to fill up a school’s budget needs. A few extra hundreds of dollars could mean a lot in covering the small expenses of the school. However, what if the school needs new equipment, or needs an additional classroom for the students? Such needs could cost thousands of dollars from the budget. These kinds of needs require school fundraising activities that can effectively raise a huge amount of money. The school needs big-time donors or the school may consider exploring the internet for online fundraising options.

The Power of Crowdfunding

The internet has significantly changed the way of fundraising activities. Individuals, non-profit organizations, private organizations, and now, even schools are tapping the power of online fundraising via the crowdfunding platform. Records show that crowdfunding pooled more than $34 billion in 2015. Using the power of online fundraising platforms can help a school raise a fund of more than a hundred thousand dollars. That could be enough to fund a classroom renovation or even buy new computers for the laboratory. So, how is it done?

Schools simply need to find a crowdfunding platform online. These online crowdfunding platforms are operated by organizations. Everything is processed by the organization, the task of the school is just to create a campaign, provide details on the goals of the fundraiser, and with a few clicks of a button, the fundraiser is set online. In just minutes, the campaign will reach global exposure. Willing donors extend their support and as the campaign reaches the goal, a check will be sent to the school. It’s that easy. You should start a non-profit if you agree with all the obvious benefits it brings.TRUiC is the best resource for that.

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