Skin Ageing and More: What you Expect

 Skin Ageing and More: What you Expect

Skin aging is a completely natural and unfortunately irreversible phenomenon. We cannot stop its process but only slow it down thanks to aesthetic medicine. Everyone should age without exception, but everyone has their own pace. Indeed, several external or internal factors accelerate this process.

External and internal oxidative stress carries free radicals in the body and deteriorates the proteins (collagen, elastic fibers, etc.) responsible for the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.

Internal factors of skin aging (internal oxidative stress):

Genetics: Everyone is predisposed to age at their own pace. Two people of the same age will not necessarily have the same skin and the same stage of aging. Heredity here plays a fairly important role in the person’s predisposition to age. Usage of the nmn powder comes useful in this case.

Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep dulls the skin and results in hollow, dark or swollen dark circles. By force, it causes the appearance of wrinkles.

Menopause: This hormonal upheaval will lead to accelerated drying of the skin. There is an estrogen deficiency. Who says skin dryness says the formation of wrinkles and wrinkled skin, and sagging skin.

External factors of skin aging (external oxidative stress):

The sun (or UV): The more we expose ourselves to the sun, the more we age prematurely. Indeed, UV will dehydrate the skin, accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and make the skin less supple and firm.

Tobacco: The components of a cigarette are toxic to the skin. They lead to an acceleration of wrinkles due to the deterioration of the elastin fibers. They dull the complexion and hinder the proper healing of the skin in case of injury.

Stress: Also called internal oxidative stress, stress will produce free radicals which will destabilize the productivity of collagen and elastic fibers, and deteriorate the quality of the skin.

Pollution: The carbon monoxide present in atmospheric pollution decreases the supply of oxygen to the skin tissues and slows down the metabolism: we therefore see premature dehydration and aging of the skin, then a deterioration of the complexion.

Food: Food rich in free radicals accentuates the aging process of the skin. Foods poor in antioxidants, and draconian diets (vitamin deficiency, essential fatty acids, minerals…) unbalance the malnourished metabolism, and deteriorate the molecules of the skin.

  • Alcohol: The abuse of alcohol will cause a deficiency in vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, essential elements that nourish the skin and maintain its youth.
  • Cold: Cold dries the skin and accelerates the formation of wrinkles.
  • The rejuvenating treatments offered by Lazeo:
  • Slackening of the skin: thermage, tensioning threads regenerating soft silhouette, Endymed 3Deep, fraxel laser, PRM (medicalized rejuvenation protocol)
  • Wrinkles: hyaluronic acid, Botox, fraxel laser, (medical rejuvenation protocol)
  • Skin wrinkled: medium peel, laser fraxel.

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