Small Independent Businesses: 3 Top Tips For Festive Success

 Small Independent Businesses: 3 Top Tips For Festive Success

Yes, it’s that time of year again! The festive season brings with it an opportunity for small businesses to prosper in the capitalist juggernaut Christmas has become, with a virtual guarantee of increased sales among the consumer frenzy of December. Yet for smaller, independent businesses, this sharp and sudden increase in traffic can result in a stressful few weeks.

Luckily, our friends over at Kendon Packaging have got all you small business owners covered, as today they’ll be offering their three top tips to guarantee festive success this holiday season.

Create a clear workspace for a clear mind

With the excessive annual eager spending habits of a consumer population captured by the festive spirit, it’s likely that you’ll see a boost in sales over the next month.

As such, it’s vital that you’re prepared for the incoming influx of orders. The best way to do this is to ensure you have a clear workspace equipped with everything you need. If your business is based from home, separating a defined workspace away from the rest of the house is the best way to remain organised and focused throughout this busy period, shutting out unnecessary distractions to maintain a functioning and efficient business no matter how busy you may be.

Don’t forget about the packaging

Packaging can often be an afterthought, but with just about everyone looking to send off presents big and small over the festive period, it’s best to be prepped and ready this holiday season.

Purchasing the appropriate packaging solution from a wholesaler is your best option, as bulk buying will mean you’re more versatile to make those shipments faster. Furthermore, wholesalers often offer bespoke options, so consider embracing the festivities and theming your packaging with a little Christmas cheer if your budget allows it.

Your choice of packaging will need to be functional, utilising bubble wrap and packing peanuts for fragile items that could shift during transportation to ensure your product remains unharmed – and therefore keeping your customer and their gift recipient smiling come Christmas morning.

Get your name out there

Just like the rest of the year, the key to the success of a small independent business is to get ahead of the competition. Never is this truer than during the Christmas period, when the industry is saturated by consumer and businesses alike.

Never underestimate the power of the tried and tested classic marketing techniques. If you own a physical retail space, utilise the advantage of passing trade by setting up a window display and sign-posted advertisements. If you’re an ecommerce business, social media is your best friend, so take advantage of social marketing tools such as hashtags, geotags and targeted advertisements to directly reach out to your target demographic.

Following these three handy tips is a sure-fire way to guarantee your small independent business really prospers this holiday season, ensuring you can remain an organised, functional and efficient business amongst the madness of Christmas shopping.

Dom Charlie

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