Smart legal helps You Know You Can Have

 Smart legal helps You Know You Can Have


Lawyers have gone through golden times, resulting in financial aberrations. But the consumer is getting stronger and cheaper. Elsevier takes six steps to find a good lawyer.

Do you really need a lawyer?

Many lawyers perform acts that do not require registration on the tableau. For relatively simple issues such as contracts, it is often cheaper to engage a prairie village attorney defense  .

What specialism does the lawyer have?

Almost all lawyers specialize in a jurisdiction, such as family law, criminal law or civil law. Always ask in which specific area a lawyer has a specialism. Corporate law can, for example, apply to bankruptcies, but also to mergers and acquisitions.

How experienced is the lawyer?

Good advice costs money, but it also pays for itself. Still, for a relatively straightforward case, you could choose to hire a less experienced (in other words, cheaper) lawyer. And if you do call in a much sought-after lawyer, record in writing that the person will personally represent your interests. After all, top lawyers are also inclined to pass on work to office colleagues.

Is the lawyer a member of a professional association?

Professional associations such as the Employment Lawyers Association or the Association of Family Law Attorneys Divorce Mediators present themselves as a quality mark. In any case, a member lawyer is above average involved in the field and is more likely to exchange knowledge and attend courses.

At which office does the lawyer work?

Larger firms often have more in-house knowledge and highly specialized lawyers work. Nevertheless, good lawyers are increasingly resigning to start for themselves. They do a good job at a lower rate. Watch out for single pits that offer all the specialties to get enough sales.

What does the quotation look like?

As with contractors and plumbers, you can also request quotes from lawyers. Is the lawyer clear about his working method? What is the hourly rate? Also pay attention to the assessment of the case. Specialists often have a higher hourly rate, but usually spend less time on a case than generalists.

We remember a survey in which lawyers were asked what their (private) clients thought most important. The number 1 stated: professional quality.

The same was asked of the customers. On 1 it said: empathy, empathy. If our memory is good, a good bicycle parking facility at the law firm was even higher on the wish list of clients than professional quality.

This is a major pitfall, both for the lawyer and for the client

Of course you as a customer find it important that you have a (professionally) good lawyer; you just cannot control that yourself; you just have to trust it. And that trust comes (or goes) with the way the lawyer acts and shows involvement with your problem. Lawyers should realize this more.

At the same time, it is not a bad idea for you as a customer to not only look at the level of empathy.


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