Smartest Times in Toronto: The best Destinations

 Smartest Times in Toronto: The best Destinations

“The Changing Month of February …” February is coming, the shortest and coldest month of the year. And he is the harbinger of the imminent spring. So we must hurry to have time to enjoy all the joys that winter gives us.

Tiffany falls

Just an hour away from Toronto there is a unique opportunity to go ice climbing and not in the mountains, but on the steep cliff of Tiffany Falls, in the Hamilton area. This is the only frozen waterfall allowed for athletes, Although not for everyone. According to the rules of the Hamilton Conservation Authority, in order to put on your cat boots, a safety rope and pick up an ice ax, you must either be a member of Alpine Club of Canada or enroll in One Ax Pursuits class, where you can learn climbing techniques and safety requirements.

You can drive away to the waterfalls Elora Gorge, a real miracle of nature. It offers great views of the David Street Bridge crossing the ice-covered Grand River. The ability to climb the icy slope can also be taught here, also in the One Ax class. It’s not cheap, the class costs $ 200, but the price includes all the necessary equipment, which will cost much more to buy.


Snowshoeing is a night trip in the light of the lanterns is unforgettable. One of the old ways lies near the town of Collingwood, where the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures program operates in winter and summer. You can walk 10 km on fresh snow, climb the 420-foot suspension bridge to admire the stunning views of Georgian Bay, to the very shores of Penetanguishene Peninsula and, of course, the peaks of the Blue Mountain. You can also find the Toronto Clubs  there and have a perfect time.

Good places for ice fishing, a popular sport that has been reviving interest recently, can be found very close to Toronto. But for true lovers, much greater opportunities open up in areas such as Lake Simcoe and Muskoka.

Georgian bay

Salmon, sturgeon, pike, herring and perch are just some of the types of fish that can be caught in the waters of the bay. And good friends, delicious food and hot drinks are what you need for a successful 4-hour fishing trip. Ride on Rentals offers fishermen packages that include rental of a heated cabin. For large groups, starting with eight people, fishing rods and pre-drilled wormwoods are also provided.

Lake simcoe

If you decide to go fishing on Lake Simko, Casey’s Fish Huts four-seater cabins are waiting for you, with propane heating and lighting. They are placed where perch, pike and white fish are found in abundance. A fish cleaning station has also been arranged. Argo and Bombardier snowmobiles with a heated cabin will take you to the fishing spot. On the shore there is a hotel and a restaurant.

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