Sports Betting and Its Progress and Trend

 Sports Betting and Its Progress and Trend

Sports betting addiction is often brought into play by Hong Kong law enforcement officers when it comes to not regulating the market or enforcing corresponding bans. Again and again the fact is pointed out that online betting can lead to an addiction. Horror scenarios are also often outlined.

What do you think of these statements?

Of course, sports betting addiction and its dangerousness cannot be dismissed out of hand. After all, pathological gambling has been a recognized disease since 1980, which is also treated by specialists. However, the statements of the Hong Kong law enforcement officers should be treated with some caution. Player protection is not the top priority for women and men, but only serves as an argument. The truth is, as almost always, the bashful mammon. The prohibitions and rules that apply in this country are intended solely to protect state sports betting and casino providers.

If you take a closer look at the rules and terms and conditions of the state bookmaker Oddset, for example, it quickly becomes clear that sports betting addiction is just an irrelevant phrase. The so-called player card, with which the Oddset customers have to identify themselves, is used solely for monitoring purposes.

How do bookmakers react to these things?

The online betting providers deal very openly with this topic and provide their customers with the appropriate tools with which the sports betting addiction can be avoided or combated. For example, there are the following rules:

Bet and deposit limits: The betting providers do not allow deposits or sums of money in unlimited amounts. The systems set clear limits here. Furthermore, customers can set individual limits, which cannot be avoided in a “quick shot decision”. Changes are usually only possible after a waiting period of at least 48 hours.

Temporary exits: If the player comes into the area of ​​sports betting addiction, he can opt for a temporary exit. The blocking can last from 24 hours to six months. In this so-called cooling phase, the user has no opportunity to log in to the Bookie. The deadlines differ here between the providers.

Complete blocking: Of course, betting fans can also be completely blocked for life. In this case the bookmaker will always refuse to register again. Of course it is possible to start again after a few years, but only after a very thorough examination and a possible presentation of medical certificates.

Data comparison: The top sbobet bookmakers carry out data comparison of blocked players. If you drop out of a bookie due to a sports betting addiction, you cannot simply switch the betting provider.

Conclusion: The topic is too serious for political games

The risks of sports betting addiction and their danger should not be discussed at this point – on the contrary, the topic is far too serious. However, you can find it a shame that law enforcement officers use this problem for their political games, on the back of the people who are really affected. Only the bookmakers themselves are open at this point and try to curb sports betting addiction or to combat it at its roots.

Clare Louise

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