Spring Driving Tips to Avoid a Collision

 Spring Driving Tips to Avoid a Collision

Many people drive a bit more slowly and carefully in wintertime due to the increased likelihood of slick road conditions. However, as the weather warms up, it’s essential that you still take the proper precautions to avoid an unfortunate collision. While you may not have to worry about ice or snow on the road, there are still a small amount of things you should keep in mind to help you get where you’re going safely. Keep reading to get a few springtime safe driving tips.

Wet Roads Are Still Slick

While you’re a lot less likely to encounter ice on the roads in the springtime, that doesn’t mean they can’t be slick. Spring often brings an increase in rainfall, making roads wet and slippery. In hefty downpours, you may even encounter standing puddles on the road. This can increase the risk of hydroplaning, which can be just as dangerous as hitting a patch of black ice in the winter. 

Hydroplaning typically happens whenever there is a buildup of water between your vehicle’s tires and the surface of the road, leading to a loss of traction. It is most likely to happen if you’re traveling above 45 miles per hour in water that’s 1/10 of an inch for more than 30 feet. Essentially, if you’re traveling at highway speeds and hit a large puddle, you’re very likely to hydroplane and can lose control of your car as a result.

Potholes Are More Likely

Regular road maintenance like patching up potholes tends to take a backseat in the wintertime as cities focus their efforts on keeping roads clear of ice. Additionally, freezing temperatures can often cause asphalt to crack, leading to even more potholes. The bottom line is that you should be on the lookout for potholes in the springtime. While it’s not technically a collision, hitting one of these at any significant speed can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

Share the Road

You probably didn’t have to worry too much about bikers or pedestrians in the wintertime—because who wants to be out walking in the cold? But as the weather warms up, you’re going to have to share the road a lot more often. Stay aware of what’s going on around you at all times. Give bikers and pedestrians as much space as you safely can, and avoid swerving sharply around them. Doing so could lead to a collision.

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