Steps Followed by the Best Architects in India while Designing a House

When we deal with real estate properties, every project is different. The steps involved in designing a house depend on many factors. The location of the project and the scope of the property are the most important factors among them. Most of the best architects in India follow a basic workflow chart. They explain the same chart to you so that you can have some understanding of the project. This way, the client and the architects will know their demands from each other. They will come to know what they need and what they can expect from each other. If you are also looking for some of the best architects in India for your next project, you can approach Radvi. Radvi is a well-known real estate company that can help you in your next successful project. They deal with all kinds of properties and have some exclusive packages for every customer’s needs. 

What Are the Basic Steps that the Best Architects in India Follow?

There are some similarities in the steps that the best architects in India follow while working on a real estate project. The first step is discussing requirements about the project with the owners. They need to know the total number of bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, floors, and other requirements by you. The next step is looking at the location that you desire. if the location is already determined then they need to work on location factors. For example, during heavy snowfall, you will be requiring a sheer roof. After all of that is sorted then they can begin working on the rough drafts of a design using several design tools or pencil sketches. Once this is done, they will ask for reviews and feedback. You can share your priorities. 

Once a rough design has been agreed upon, then they start working on technical design and 3 D modelling. With 3 D modelling, the house and structure can be given a vision and a listing of materials can begin. By this step, they can provide an estimated amount of how much materials will be required for the house. The final step includes creating the architectural blueprint. The construction company will get the designs approved. The best architects in India know all these points very well. 


Here we have prepared a bulleted structure of all the steps involved. This chart is generic and not project-detailed. So, some items may not apply to a specific project. Also, this structure is followed more toward commercial projects.


Conceptualisation: First of all, a basic concept is prepared. It is based on clients’ requirements, interests, and future expansion. If they are working on a property that would be sold out in the future then it would be built that way only. For residential property, I would be built as per all the members of the family. Making the concept takes the longest time. If the base is strong, you will spend less time executing it. 

Basic Design: After a concept is prepared. Both you and your architect know what to expect from the project. You both can start working on the design as per your thought process. It should be done based on local bylaws and concepts approved by you only. The basic design includes the rooms, bathrooms, windows, and doors also. You will be required to give a detailed overview to your architects. 

Design Development: Design development is the most important step. All the structure and testing will be based on design development. A detailed design is performed with inputs from structural and services engineers. Other members of the team are also involved in this. Nowadays design development is performed by the latest technology software. They make the work easier and less time-consuming. It will be light on the pockets also. The best architects in India know the usage of all the latest designing tools and software. 

Frontage: It involves the external treatment of the building. It will make you understand how the building will look from the outside? How your home will have the front covers and will be represented to the people looking from outside. Your main gate and balcony view depends on this step. So, the architects need to work on this carefully to avoid any future conflicts with you. 

Interior Design: After this, the architects will move on to the next step. They will finalise the finishes and colour board for various internal finishes. The colouring and matching are very important for the décor of the room. 

Tendering: Tendering involves the legal part of the project. However, this point differs from place to place. Here the best architects in India will be very attentive towards this legal step. They will appoint various contractors for executing the project. All the contractors will work in their way and finalise all the legal documentation and approvals for the project. 

Closing of Project: After this, all the final touch-ups will be done and they will start working on the draft. All the concepts and drafts will be used by the architects. They will finish up the project in their style and will let you make the final call. 


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