Steps to Lay Sod Easily

 Steps to Lay Sod Easily

When you want a fantastic lawn fast, you can get Sod Installation done at your preferred location. The sod grass rolls allow a healthy and thick lawn that calls for instant gratification. While installing a sod you have to be very careful and we would talk about the steps in detail. Apart from making an instant lawn, the sod is easy to maintain. It requires very little irrigation. If you seed a lawn you would have to maintain four or more watering sessions per day. In the case of sod, it needs to be watered twice a day for the first two weeks only. Sod prevents soil erosion as the grasses are fully matured. The sodded turfgrass is an excellent filter of dust and dirt. As sod is cultivated by the professionals, they know the right technique to grow it healthily. If you are interested to install sod in your yard, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article.

Steps to install new sod:

Prepare the soil – You need to loosen the top layer of soil for around 6-8 inches. Sped some finished compost of 2 inches. After that, add 3 inches of sand or clay-like soil to enhance the drainage facility.

Level the lawn – After putting the compost and sand, you should use an iron rake to known down any spots that have been left unfilled. The rake will help to smoothen the surface.

Lay the rows of sod – You should first find the longest straight edge in your yard and unroll a roll of sod along with it. You should stand off the sod while installing so that there are no footprints. Keep patting the sod so that it gets flat. Take a knife to cut off the price that can stagger the short seams. Then, lay the next rows of sod and turf them tightly against each other. The rows should not overlap each other.

Water the new sod – After the installation is done, water the lawn thoroughly. It will help the soil to settle down. Try to water the sod every day in the morning and carry on the process for a week.

Fertilize the sod – Allow the sod grass to grow for the next three to four weeks and then start to fertilize them. The fertilizer would make up for the nutrients that are washed away due to the heavy watering schedule.

The best time to install sod is during the springtime when the climatic conditions are mild. Provide them plenty of sunlight, water, and fertilizer and you will see your lawn getting greener and healthy with time.

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