Take The Stress Out of Divorcing With Children

 Take The Stress Out of Divorcing With Children

Experiencing the dissolution of a marriage is one of the most traumatic things that can happen in life. Few things so upend our lives that even the simplest of tasks take on a new and added level of stress; this is particularly true where there are also children involved. There are a number of steps you can take to make this difficult transition easier on you and your family and to minimize the added stress that comes with navigating a different path as a family. Here are some tips to help take the stress out of a divorce with children in Virginia Beach.

Good Communication

            How to talk to your partner is crucial during this critical time; children are best served when their parents are able to maintain civility toward one another despite the animosity, betrayal, or other negative emotions the parents may feel. This seemingly simple task is easier said than done, but many parents have found successful ways to communicate with each other that do not include face-to-face conversations.

        Many apps are available to parents that make it easy to share information about their children while avoiding the potential for conflict. Remember, one of the most important aspects of good communication is good listening skills; too often the message gets lost in translation and can add to unnecessary conflict.

Talking it Out

            It’s important to know when to get help from an outside professional, and navigating a divorce with children is one such time. Speaking to an attorney can help alleviate the stress by providing you a realistic picture of the future and by advocating your interests.

          An alternative that has been growing in popularity in recent years is mediation instead of litigation. A mediator is a neutral third party that facilitates a negotiation dialogue between the parents to find a suitable arrangement for all parties. This tends to take less time and cost less than a traditional lawyer, but is not its most effective in high conflict situations.

A Place to Be

            There are also a few, much easier, ways to help take the stress out of divorce that just ask you make minor adjustments to your environment or your routine. Colors have a profound impact on our mood and can be effective in reducing blood pressure and stress hormones. Shades like violet, light yellow, green, and blue help create a calming environment; try incorporating some new home or office décor in one of those hues for a soothing effect.

            Houseplants are also well known for their effect on mood and physiology. Plants can decrease blood pressure and anxiety while also increasing productivity and attentiveness.

            Simple physical tasks can also decrease anxiety. Merely taking a quick walk helps counteract the physiological stress processes that occur naturally during times of conflict. Breaks for meditation or for slow breathing exercises throughout the day will similarly decrease the negative effects of stress on your body.

            Going through a divorce with children in Virginia Beach is difficult for most parents to experience. However, often conflict can be a great catalyst for change; and it can be an opportunity to reflect on your own goals and needs. The impact of divorce on your family should not be understated, but it does not need to be difficult for parents to counteract the effect of such a drastic change on their children. Making slight changes to your communication style, your environment, and your circle of resources will help take the stress out of divorce.

Paul Watson

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