Tech Trends in Aviation and Defense

 Tech Trends in Aviation and Defense

After a difficult year because of the COVID-19, the aerospace and defense industries are expected to begin their path to recovery and stabilization this year. The future of the industries will be shaped by incredible technological advancement and innovation.

According to a report from Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), the biggest trends impacting the future of the industry include:

  • Universal connectivity — in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) — to make personalized transportation and delivery services a reality.
  • The alternative energy that will power our vehicles and help to drive a more environmentally sustainable future.
  • High-capacity processing and cloud computing will make unmanned traffic management possible.

At the same time, the report expects that the industry will see increased cyber threats thanks to an increase in the number of connected devices. This is essential across all aviation and defense sectors, including civil aviation. Because no matter how good a protection system is, nothing is 100% hackproof. This means cybersecurity will need to become even more essential to these organizations.

To take advantage of many of these advancements and protect themselves from these clear threats, many aerospace and defense companies are working with expert partners such as Applied Systems Engineering.


Dom Charlie

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