Telangana e-challan is an honest method of penalizing defaulters

 Telangana e-challan is an honest method of penalizing defaulters

With increasing traffic on the road, the numbers of defaulters who do not follow traffic rules have also increased considerably in the last few years. People who disobey traffic rules are usually penalized by the Traffic department. In India, the traffic police on the road, who are responsible for ensuring that everyone follow the rules, penalize the commuters who have either been over-speeding, or jumped red lights or are not wearing their seat-belts or helmets or are drunk or talking on the phone while driving. There are many other clauses pertaining to safety aspects on the road that motorists and automobile drivers need to follow. In case of disobedience, the police produce a challan against which the defaulter has to pay the required fees.

Today when all systems and processes in the country are being digitized, challans have also evolved further to take the form of e-challans. In the newly formed state of Telangana, the traffic department has started with the process of issuing Telangana e-challans to traffic violators. E-challans need to be paid not by cash or any other manual methods of payment but by using online digitized methods that include credit card, debit card, Netbanking, UPI or e-wallet.

How is the e-challan system better than the old manual method?

When challans needed to be paid by cash, it meant that you were in a difficult spot when your wallet or pocket did not have the required amount of money. This meant that either you call over a family member with the amount or send a co-passenger to the ATM and withdraw money or keep the challan pending for payment for a later point in time. In this case, it was required that you physically go to the court and pay the challan money to settle it all up. Now with Telangana e challan you can pay there and then, on the spot in a hassle-free and uncomplicated way.

In order to pay for the Telangana e challan, you need to visit either the Telangana Traffic authority website or pay through a well-known and reliable online payment aggregator site or App. Some of the most popular ones in the country today are Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. The process is simple, direct and does not involve any kind of technical glitches. All you have to do is enter Telangana e-challan, the registered number of your vehicle and select a mode of payment.

Not only is this process fast, it is safe too. This is because your payment is recorded and saved in the database or the server of the traffic authority. Hence, there can be no disputes related to it later and even if there is, you can always have the relevant data retrieved from the website and produce it as proof.

The Telangana e-challan also makes the department work honestly and ethically. In India, we are all aware how people and police work together maliciously by giving and accepting bribe which has resulted in many challans never getting recorded in the traffic police files. With e-challans, it is not possible for individuals to tamper with data stored in servers. Hence it makes the department more trustworthy.

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