The 10 Best Shin Guards

 The 10 Best Shin Guards

In addition to a jersey, matching pants, shoes and socks, shin guards should not be missing when playing football. They are used for protection and are important so that the player is safe on the pitch. This equipment is a must, especially for professionals. Without this utensil, however, no one should play football. If you want to buy shin guards, however, there are a few things to consider.

Not all shin guards are created equal. There are clear differences here in terms of price, material, and quality. In this guide we would like to bring you closer to what is important. With our help you will immediately know what to look for when buying and you will find exactly the right item. You will also get all the answers to the most important questions about buying shin guards here.

Facts About Shin Guards

Why should different athletes wear shin guards at all? There are only two reasons for this. However, these are sufficient to make wearing a soccer ball, for example, compulsory. The rules of the game of soccer state that a player without a shin guard is not allowed on the field of play. It’s like how a motorcyclist is never allowed to ride without a helmet. On the other hand, it serves to protect the player. It often happens that an opponent hits the shin instead of the ball. As protection against injuries and especially against fractures, a shin guard is a very good investment.

The size is also very important here. The shin guards must fit exactly so that the best protection is provided. Don’t let the brand or the colour guide you. At first this is irrelevant. The protectors must fit your sport and your leg. With the right fit, you’ll avoid having to keep straightening things up while playing. The right size depends on your height. Children usually wear XS or S. From a height of 180 cm, size L is the right choice. After this graduation you will find the right schooner.

Shin Guards – The Models

The shin guards differ from one another not only in size, brand and colour. At the beginning of the history of the shin guards, it was a simple plate that was pushed into the front of the sockets. This is no longer the case today. Therefore, there are three categories into which the schooners can be divided:

  • belt
  • cuff
  • All in One

Shin Guards with Straps

In the front area is the protection that extends over the shin. There are straps at the top and bottom to attach the protector to the leg. This means that the calf is completely free and not constricted. This is not only particularly comfortable, but also very easy to put on and take off again. Unfortunately, this variant of the muay thai shin guards can slip more quickly. Even if the model is carried under the sock, there is no further adhesion to the leg. The straps must also not be fastened too tightly, as this can affect the blood circulation.

Shin Guards, All in One Variant

With this article you not only have a shin guard, but also an ankle protector. This can have many advantages, especially in football. It is a kind of gaiter. So, all you must do is push your foot through the gaiter. The material is made of a stretch fibre. So, everything can adapt perfectly to the foot, ankle, and shin. Additional straps prevent slipping. Everything stays where it should be. The calf is also free. The tight feeling like with the cuff is eliminated. However, the protection for the ankle can also become uncomfortable very quickly. Many players feel a constant pressure. So, these shin guards are not suitable for everyone.

Shin Guards – You Should Know That

Make sure that the protectors have a soft inner material. The shin itself has no layer of fat. This means that this area is very sensitive. To avoid skin irritation or chafing, you should make sure that the upholstery is also made of pollutant-free and dermatologically tested material.

The degree of hardness also plays an important role in the different models. To find the right one, we recommend trying it on here. You shouldn’t compromise here either. If the model doesn’t feel right when you try it on, it’s better to keep your hands off it. Otherwise, it gets even more uncomfortable later in the game.

Weight is also a point that should be considered when making a purchase decision. You probably think now that a few grams don’t really make a difference and that the schooners themselves are light anyway. But that’s not entirely true. When you hold the protection in your hand, the difference is hardly noticeable. On the lower leg, however, it looks very different. Here you will quickly notice the difference between 20 or 30 grams, which you can easily find out by trying on.

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