The Benefits of a Humidifier This Winter Season

 The Benefits of a Humidifier This Winter Season

During the cold winter, you may notice that the air in your home is dry. Dry air can cause eye and nose irritation. However, you can add a humidifier to your home from a health care pharmacy to help regulate the humidity levels.

Can Help Avoid Flu and Colds: Air that is too dry can make it easier for the cold and flu viruses to spread. Humidity levels of 40% or higher can work to decrease the infectivity levels of the influenza virus.

Help Loosen Congestion: Dry air causes the mucus to become thick and dry, which results in clogged nasal passages. This can lead to a sore throat, stuffy nose, or sinus pain. Humidifiers help add moisture to break up any mucus in your chest and nose.

Cold and Flu Symptoms Can Be Relieved: If you do get the flu or a cold using a humidifier when sleeping can help some of your symptoms. It loosens up the congestion to help you breathe easier. The cold air, in addition to your sleeping posture, can affect how mucus builds up but a humidifier can help with this.

Can Help Alleviate Asthma and Allergy Symptoms: If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you may notice that your symptoms get worse when the air is dry. Clear nasal passages are important for your body to filter out allergens that it’s exposed to.

Can Help Prevent Dry Skin: Dry air causes dry skin. When skin is dry, it wrinkles and cracks easily and can be uncomfortable. Using a humidifier also helps keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Save on Energy Costs: Humidity can warm up the air in your home, which can save you money on utilities. The more humidity in your home, the warmer it feels.

Teresa Martinez

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