The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin Supplements

 The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin Supplements

Signs That You Are Deficient In Vitamins

A diet has many benefits, but if it lacks nutrients, the diet may not give you good results, and you should visit a medical supply store to get vitamin supplements to help nourish your body from what it is missing.  It’s important you recognize the signs of vitamin deficiency in your body.

The common signs of vitamin deficiencies are brittle hair and nails (Biotin, vitamin B7),  restless leg syndrome (magnesium insufficiency), white growths on the eyes (vitamin A), ulcers and cracks the corners of the mouth (iron or B vitamins),  bleeding gums (vitamin C), poor night vision (vitamin A),  dandruff and scaly patches (vitamin B2), hair loss (iron, zinc, vitamin B7, B3, Linoleic acid ), and red or white bumps on the skin (vitamin A and C).

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements At The Medical Supply Store

Vitamins will help you relieve stress, improve your sleep, and enhance your diet by eliminating deficiencies through the use of supplements.  While there is no compelling evidence that a multivitamin regime will accelerate weight loss.

Multivitamins have numerous health benefits from increasing your energy levels and aiding neurological function, but there will be individual differences as to the specific health benefits.

While it is undisputed that multivitamin supplements fill in the gaps created by poor eating habits, which under-consume the necessary intake of both fruits and vegetables.

Interaction Between Consuming Vitamins And Medicines

Caution is always wise to avoid over-consuming vitamins in a shotgun approach to seek a particular health benefit, and there is a danger of taking a particular vitamin as if it was prescribed medicine.

For instance, in one particular research investigation of 14,000 men at an over the age of 50 years old took more vitamin E and vitamin C than the recommended daily use.

It was found that vitamin E did not reduce any risk of significant cardiovascular events such as a burst a blood vessel.

Further, it should not be ruled out that there may be a negative interaction between a particular vitamin and prescribed medicine and if you are seeking a particular benefit from a vitamin consult with a knowledgeable physician and a dietitian.

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