The Best Choices for Decking Materials

As the winter approaches, many of us are concerned about staying indoors too much. The Covid-19 year-long scare, along with the many warnings from the CDC about numbers surging as we enter the colder months, means everyone is looking for outdoor solutions. Building a new deck will provide a place for friends and family to meet for the holidays and create a quiet, relaxing space to get away from the craziness that is our world today. The biggest decision you make about adding a deck area is the type of material that will be long-lasting, affordable and look great for years to come. Another part of having a deck constructed is deck waterproofing. Waterproofing is the finishing touch to ensure your outside space’s longevity and safety but must be done every few years to protect the surface.

Types of Materials

In recent years, the choices for decking materials has expanded tremendously. Homeowners are no longer confined to using simple lumber. Each type of material has its own nuances, benefits, and downfalls. The main options include:

Wood products are almost always going to be the less expensive material. Finding a decking product that works with the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget is a delicate balance. The result of enjoying your new deck will be well worth the effort!


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