The Best Love Story and the Women You Would Prefer

 The Best Love Story and the Women You Would Prefer

In love story, not only women but also boys also have constant worries. But with this article about dating secrets, men can partly understand the psychology of the other half to relieve idle worries.

The majority of guys entering a relationship tend to be preoccupied with shortcomings in themselves. But in fact, if you are honest, women will focus on your feelings for them rather than the problems around them. These dating secret will tell you things you think girls are extremely interested in, but the truth is not.

You are not a 6 pack guy?

Nowadays, the image of gym boys with muscular abs has become the standard of modern men. Even the media and social networking sites continue to report on handsome boys who possess desirable bodies. However, in fact, many hot Vietnamese women do not show any interest in abs and biceps. Even in a study published on the prestigious British news site The Telegrap shows that the more a man does the gym, the more abs his body does not show superior sexual ability.

Size “little boy”

It seems that worry about the size of “little boy” becomes a nightmare for most men, but one thing you should know that most women do not focus on the issue of “big-baby” and if she is yours, the size doesn’t matter. Compared with “size” and “time”, it is the “attitude” of a man and the harmony between the two is what makes women interested. As you opt for the Vietnam brides you can get the best deals right there.

The women of the past

Unlike the “patriarchal” nature of most men, women often don’t care how many girls you’ve dated and slept with. What girls really need is the way you live and treat them in the present. Do not let the ghost of the past become a burden in the love story.

How much money do you make?

Many people are haunted by the end of the movie La La Land, when the boys and girls both have their desired lives but cannot have the full happiness they used to be. And it seems that in modern life, the power of money is increased and ideal love only exists in romantic movies. However, if it is true that women are in love, it doesn’t matter how much money you will bring, but what they want to see is the man’s efforts to build a good future for both of them.

You don’t have a good car

Honestly, investing in new super cars and motorbikes only shows that you are a guy who cares more about matter than necessary values. Good women are more afraid of dating you than they are interested in luxury brands. Genuine or physical vehicles are only for you to “wheeze” or to cross the road!

Do you have a physiological problem?

Besides size, physiology is also one of the problems that make men feel guilty. Inadvertently, this becomes a barrier when we begin to deepen a relationship. The good news is that girls are not that important to sex and you should frankly admit it with your partner. Maybe the boys will receive an affectionate kiss, a tight hug with the promise of being together forever.

Chris Jorioso

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