The Complete Guide That Makes Designing the Choicest Photo Book

 The Complete Guide That Makes Designing the Choicest Photo Book

Photo books are fast gaining popularity as timeless décor additions in your home. Photo books nicely complement the coffee tables in your home and provide an attractive avenue for your visitors. The best photo book serves as the perfect ice breaker for new visitors into your home. How do you move from pictures to a beautiful photo book? Mixbook easy-to-use editor leverages your creative knack to help you design an excellent photo book. Additionally, you can start from scratch and customize it to your heart’s content. Read on to get tips to guide you through designing a photo book with Mixbook.

1. Choose your theme

A photo book’s theme determines the inviting appeal it will have and the feelings it will evoke. There are numerous themes ranging from rustic to bohemian. Narrowing it down to the theme you want can help make theme selection much easier. Typical themes are based on milestones, celebratory moments in the family, and family vacations. However, you can always spruce up your card by blending different themes to obtain a unique card. We recommend a color-coordinated theme or a season-based theme.

One theme you can never go wrong with is a family-themed photo book. Family themes add a personal touch that accentuates the photos in your book.

2. What orientation to select?

The photo book layout depends on how many pictures you intend to include on a single page. Well-spaced photos are more eye candy than cramped-up photos. Generally, many square-sized pictures require landscape orientation, and single full-frame photos opt for portrait orientations. Some designers prefer double-page spreads, which are suitable for matching photos. Sometimes the best moments come in pairs. Choose your orientation depending on the number of photos you want.

3. Try different background scenarios

Who said there is a limit to style? A photo book’s background accentuates the pictures inside. Monochromatic backgrounds are timeless ideas that are still stylish. However, since you are creative, you can design a unique backdrop for your photos or select one from the many Mixbook templates.

4. Design the text style for your book

A photo book text informs the viewer what the book entails. We are visual creatures, and unique text styles always attract. Monogram and ambigram are common text styles for photo books. However, if designing a formal photo book, stick to formal styles such as Tacoma or Verdana.

You can write the text yourself and give your photo book a distinctively human touch if you have good handwriting.

5. Pick a quality paper

All the work in design goes down the drain if you do not pick a good paper quality to imprint your creative design. Quality paper prevents the ink from blotting photos and text styles in your photo book. Also, the paper you choose determines whether the embellishments will suit your photo book. Semi-gloss, vellum paper, linen, premium matte lay flat, and matte hardcover finish are some of the superior papers to use.


Photo books are wonderful ways to commemorate celebratory moments in your life. The choicest photo book incorporates both professional and personal designs. Your book design should always be driven by the intended intention of your photo book. Begin your personalized photo book journey today with Mixbook.

Clare Louise

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