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The Concept of Behavioral Web Design.

The interconnection between human psychology and technology becomes more and more vivid every day. The development of ANN and artificial intelligence proves humanization might be the next step of technology development in general. Behavioral web Design is one of the examples that might prove this viewpoint. While our decisions are no all rational and conscious, Web Design is looking for ways to appeal to human nature to make our online experience more productive.

The Idea

Behavioral Web Design roots in behavioral economics. According to its statements, people feel more happy and secure when they can easily observe their nearest future and the result of their choices. According to this concept, a person feels happier when the choice is restricted and is more likely to be satisfied with the final result when he does not have to think about other perspectives. It may sound primitive, but this concept found its application in web design and digital marketing strategies also. Instead of overwhelming a customer with an abundance of products and services, behavioral web design and marketing creates an impression that a potential customer has already found the desired product or service as soon as he enters the website. To create this impression a website needs to meet several parameters.

The concept of behavioral marketing has been widely used for many years. But nowadays, businesses have to move online following their potential customers who spend more time on the internet and social media. Behavioral web design is a concept of commercial online space that turns into a new swirl of e-commerce.

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