The History of Structural Engineers and the Roles of Structural Engineers

 The History of Structural Engineers and the Roles of Structural Engineers

One of the things that you should know about structural engineering is that it is a specialty in the field of civil engineering. Structural engineering is one such field that concentrates on the structure framework, the designing of the structure in order to withstand the pressures and stresses from the environment, so that the people using the structure remain secure, stable and safe. In simple words, the structural engineers ensure that the building doesn’t fall down and the bridges do not collapse. Structural engineering is very old, and it dates back to the era when the tree branches were impacted together with the vines to create a shelter. Throughout the history recorded, individuals or structural engineers have been building and designing larger and more sober structures.

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Choose the best structural engineering company here. Check out the link referenced here. Besides that, some of the names of the early structural engineers have been lost to antiquity. Like, no one knows who designed the hanging gardens of Babylon, or the aqueducts of the roman empire or the Parthenon and so on. Some of the late practitioners of structural engineering are known. Apart from that, some of the well-known structural engineers are Eero Saarinen for the gateway arch, then Gustave Eiffel for Eiffel tower, and statue of liberty. However, some of the most popular structures, like the James Webb space telescope and the large hadron collider, are credited to government organisations and companies.

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Many people want to know about the working of the structural engineers who most of the time work alongside architects and civil engineers as a part of the team for construction. In simple words, as per the institution of structural engineers, if human body was structure, then architect would be the one to have shaped the appearance and body and the structural engineers would be the one who worked on sinews and skeleton. The conditions in which the structures are built suggest that they should be able to deal with them. For instance, a house in Canada should have a roof that can bear the heavy weight of the snow. Besides that, a stadium in Canada should be able to withstand an earthquake. When developing the bridges, the designers should take into consideration the conditions of the water, wind, terrain, and traffic volume. In order to provide the technical advice, the structural engineers take into note all of these factors.

Structural Engineer Duties

Some of the main roles or jobs of the structural engineers comprise the following: evaluating the geological data, topographical data, reports, maps, and blueprints. Then, approximating the quantities of materials its cost, the cost of labour and equipment and so on. Also, they calculate the grade and load needs, the rate of water flow, and the material stress factor to identify the design specifications. Then, the structural engineers also inspect the sites of the project to look over the progress and make sure the project is being constructed as per the specifications of the design. Next, the structural engineers also conduct studies of environmental conditions and traffic patterns to find out the possible problems and measure how they can affect the structure or the project.

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