The Importance of Micro Linear Actuator in Business Process Automation

 The Importance of Micro Linear Actuator in Business Process Automation

Nowadays, business process automation is becoming more influential in global markets. Since factory robots possess the latest and advanced technology such as the micro linear actuator, they can captivate enormous advantages in manufacturing industries.

While automation is undeniably becoming a highly strategic business operation, it still needs a programmer and right logical solution to reach its full potential. Also, these robots still need to undergo simple mechanism operations like oscillating, rotary, and micro linear actuators.

Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of automation in the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, we will tackle some of the key points why micro linear actuator is vital in the field of automation.  For more information, be sure to contact IntelLiDrives.

Benefits of Automation

Today, business owners want to target and maximize the full benefits of automation rather than re-engineer it. It is because the technological advancement of automation provides greater success compared to manually operated businesses. Therefore, the evolution of the business process is now transferring from re-engineering to fully automated operation.

We provide five essential key points of business process automation.

  • Time Saver

Time is crucial in business; every minute counts in a company. A manually operated system takes more time to accomplish. This type of system has to be executed by humans who are prone to errors. They are unable to perform a consistent, precise output with the highest standards.

However, by implementing automated systems in your business, you can significantly reduce the time for production. Also, automation allows you to generate more output in the same amount of time while maintaining consistent quality output.

  • Quality

The automation system delivers consistent and top-quality products to their respective customers. It will result in a long-term business agreement with their clients.

Also, automation can guarantee that every action will perform identically, resulting in top quality, reliable performance.

  • Consistency

With the aid of automation, customers can experience the same level of service output from your business. It is because automation can develop higher-quality products with little or no increase in production time and cost.

  • Efficiency

Business automation improves the time it takes to achieve a task and effort needed to complete a successful job.

Automation ensures the systems will run smoothly and efficiently. It also eliminates errors and regularly implements best practice applications in your system.

  • Cost Reduction

Manual systems are performed step by step at a prolonged rate compared to automated systems. Robotics allows you to generate more profit using lesser resources.

Micro Linear Actuator

An actuator is a device that converts energy input into output in the form of motion, either rotary or linear. For this article, we will discuss more micro linear actuators.

A micro linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational input of either AC or DC motor into linear motion. A linear motion produces push and pulls movements.

Importance of Micro Linear Actuator in Automation

Manufacturing industries that supply micro products in the market need the support of automation.

Factory robots, combined with micro linear actuators, are perfect solutions if you want an accurate movement and smooth motion control. With micro linear actuator, you can perform:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Adjustment and
  • Lifting with greater force

Application of Micro Linear Actuator

A micro linear actuator is generally integrated with robotics and micromotion technology.

Micromotion automation drives the system in vacuum environments. One great example of these can be found in outer space. The application includes satellites and space rovers that can be used for exploration in the moon and planet Mars. Other application includes:

  • Medical technology
  • Animatronics
  • Solar panels
  • Mobile phone factories and
  • Automobile industries


Automation can be used universally. It is a sure way to generate profit in your business while using only limited resources. So, start planning the automated system and embrace the benefits of technology.

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