The Importance Of Safe Rooms And Storm Shelters

 The Importance Of Safe Rooms And Storm Shelters

What is the importance of safe rooms and storm shelters in Texas? What do they provide people with who may or may not have a safe place to go during a bad storm in their own home? This article will give a couple of reasons why safe rooms and storm shelters are important to have in the home during a storm.

Safe Rooms

People love to have windows in their homes, to let air and sunlight in. In a storm, however, people need to have a room big enough to safely fit their families that do not have any windows or open doors so that they can protect themselves during bad storms. What is a safe room? A safe room is a place where during a storm, a family can safely tuck away for at least 1-2 hours during a bad storm, such as a tornado or hurricane. In Texas both natural disasters happen throughout the year and can cause major home damage. Home damage can be replaced, a life cannot, therefore it is important to have a room in the house where the entire family can exist safely during a storm. If someone is not able to have an entire room dedicated to being a safe room, there are other options such as a closet storm shelter Texas. Find the biggest closet in the home and dedicate it to being the closet storm shelter Texas. Tucking away some snacks, water bottles, a flashlight and batteries can give an excellent and safe hideaway spot during a bad storm.

Storm Shelters

Storm shelters are more ideal because they are typically underground and have everything the person needs during a storm in Texas. Storm shelters should always have a comfortable area to fit the entire family for 1-2 hours. These sorts of shelters should have a generator as well as batteries, flashlights, food, drinks, blankets, and a radio to stay informed of what is happening outside. Being underground is the safest place to be during a storm because there is no chance of broken glass or objects flying around and hitting people. A storm shelter is also more reusable, if the person’s shelter is within their home, it can be blown away and torn down during a bad hurricane or tornado. The storm shelter underground will not be damaged and can be reused repeatedly, because it will not be damaged from those same winds or dying objects.

Which Should Someone Have?

When it comes to choosing which storm shelter is best for a family there are many different factors that take play, what types of storms typically happen in your town, how bad are the storms, is it worth investing in an underground shelter? If they live close to a body of water and experience flooding, an underground shelter may not be ideal for this individual. Storm shelters do not have to be expensive and can be cheap if the homeowner builds them. There are many places and websites someone can learn to make their own storm shelter. Whichever someone chooses it is important that if they live in an area that is often being hit by devastating storms, they should absolutely invest in a storm shelter. There is no amount of money that can replace a loved one, find the right storm shelter and build one today!

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