The Most Effective Sex Toys for Your Choices

 The Most Effective Sex Toys for Your Choices

The men often underestimate how much sex their women really want. The cliché of the woman who always has migraines is just that: a cliché. Of course women also want sex, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Ladies, only clear communication helps or you simply initiate sex more often yourself. He should be happy.

What criteria should be favored?

  • The size is not very important (ten centimeters long enough), the intensity of the vibrations either.
  • A wide, rounded or flat end can help.
  • Vaginal stimulation, without specifically targeting the “point” G
  • Ditto, an elongated vibrator or a dildo.

What criteria should be favored?

Here too, the shape and texture of the object are very important.

On these two points, certain criteria depend on your tastes:

The surface: it can be smooth or textured. Some textures are more pleasant than others, but that can only be seen with use.

The dimensions: long or short, wide or thin, it’s up to you. Using the Sex Toy  is essential there.

Others are more generic:

  • No discomfort, no rough surfaces, etc.
  • Two stainless steel anal plugs: the enjoy Pure Plug and the Rosebuds Cristal.


Smooth, the glass is also pleasant for temperature games. However, a big obvious defect: the glass is fragile. So avoid in situations where you can drop the plug.


Wood is porous, but wooden sextoys (when properly made) are covered with a non-toxic varnish which makes their surface waterproof. Using the best Sex toys can be useful there.

More is more

The sad result of a study by the German Society for Sex Research in cooperation with researchers from City University in London has shown that half of all men surveyed are unsatisfied with the frequency of sex in their partnership. In the men over 30, it was even 60 percent. Most gave the reason that their partner had no desire.

Wild thing

The same study also found that 69 percent of men want more variety in bed. This brings us back to the statement from just now: Ladies, just take matters into your own hands. The best thing is not just to go to bed in the evening, but wherever you just feel (and if the TV is on, or has to be cooked or someone has to go to work, it just doesn’t matter).

When it comes to variety, many people don’t just mind the same position, but the same sex in bed and always in the evening just before going to bed.

Women want to cuddle, men want to sleep no way

There is a persistent prejudice that men would only cuddle their partner for love and that they themselves do not attach so much importance to it. However, a study by the Kinsey Institute has shown that men in particular benefit from cuddling. Men who cuddle a lot with their women and kiss often are three times happier than men who do less. It is also exciting that the cuddle frequency had little influence on women.


Clare Louise

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