The Perfect Utility of the Oily Skin Now

 The Perfect Utility of the Oily Skin Now

Difficult to have oily (or combination) skin as summer approaches. Its sebum production increases with heat and facial shine is more difficult to camouflage. What care to adopt to regulate the skin and scalp? How to make up to prevent your efforts from fading?

Oily scalp: don’t worry

Having Oily Skin can become good news. Even if, at first glance, those most concerned find it difficult to see it as an asset. “My nose is shining. When I touch my face in summer, I feel like I have oil on my fingers,” complains a subject, 24. And yet sebum is good for the skin. It is thanks to him that the skin is protected from microbes and external aggressions. It would therefore be a mistake to want to eliminate it completely. The sebaceous glands produce the hydrolipidic film so that it plays a role of shield but not only. Having oily skin also delays the appearance of the first wrinkles. The epidermis retains a rebounded appearance longer. Here’s how to take advantage of these benefits without (too much) experiencing the disadvantages.

The beauty routine to put your skin on vacation

The oily skin routine must be minimalist to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands and therefore to accentuate the production of sebum. In the morning, the dermatologist advises to wash the skin only with water and to moisturize it only if you feel the need. “Sebum naturally hydrates and protects the skin. If the skin does not pull, no need to apply a cream. »If you opt for day care, choose a fluid or gel texture that contains mattifying active ingredients or a hydrating serum. In the evening, it is essential to cleanse your skin to remove makeup and pollution. Prefer gentle cleansing products, such as a foaming gel or specific micellar water.

The good radiance ritual: a grain-free scrub once a week (no more) allows the complexion to regain radiance.

Mistakes to avoid:

Resist the call of “glow”: no need to catch the eye with shine on the skin, avoid products that contain mother-of-pearl or reflections.

Do not sponge: no touch-up with a compact sponge powder. It deposits too much material and makes the complexion dull.

Avoid brushing: to dry your hair, be careful not to get the dryer too close to the scalp. The heat as well as the pulling on the hair makes it regrease faster.

Perspiration and sebum do not go well with covering makeup. It is therefore a question of keeping your hand light at each step, following the advice of Gregoris Pyrpylis , make-up artist of Bioderma .

A mattifying primer

Before makeup, apply a foundation to prepare the skin, camouflage the pores and mattify the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). To choose transparent or with “soft focus” pigments to blur, this is called “blur” textures.

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