The Permanent hreat of Ayahuasca Touristry Growth

 The Permanent hreat of Ayahuasca Touristry Growth

Ayahuasca is a healing plant which is found among the Amazon tribes since centuries. The medical tea prepared from this plant is used for spiritual and religious ceremonies under the tutelage of a learned shaman.   The ayahausca plant is made from the banisteriopsis caapi and the chacruna plants. In the recent ages, it was discovered that this yage plant as it is known has amazing properties which can help in reducing emotional and physical ailments and disorders. There are many well known ayahuasca retreats in Peru which attract huge numbers of people from all parts of the world to make their lives better and more meaningful.

More demand less supply leads to misuse

The real and authentic usage of ayahuasca has always been invaluable with the ancestral and age old knowledge and connectivity of the shamans to the other world. The Peru retreats are precisely for the authentic ayahuasca retreat as for example being the Moyano retreat center. The foreigners come here from each part of the world and they get so delighted with the positive results (although each person does not have the same experience). Some of them take back the ayahusca with them and many stay on to learn the art of shamanism and do a roaring trade. However, the deeper and authentic meaning of Mother Ayahuasca (because of the overall healing) gets lost in the commercialization of this natural brew.  The main components of making this brew are pure and sacred which is totally distorted in the Western world of modernism and mercenaries. The natural healing of the ayahuasca plant, leaves, tobacco and pipe are preceded by the compassion, knowledge and wisdom of the ethical shamans.  However many people do not realize the importance or significance of a properly conducted ritual of these sacred plants. This is where the commercialization and exploitation of this sacred liana is coming into play by the western world people who fail to honor the natural brew and its amazing impact. So this influx of the modern ayahuasca boom is posing a threat to the conventional ayahuasca tourism.

Conclusive summary

Among others the Shipibos are one of the age old tribes to foster and nurture the sacredly natural healing arts of Mother ayahuasca. They are learned and take pride in producing generations of knowledgeable   and kind shamans who have a genuine interest in helping people.  The real tragedy is that among the people of the Shipibo tribe the genuine healers are being outclassed by the mercenaries who deviate from the path of traditional healing to eke in profits.

Teresa Martinez

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