The proper way to clean your eye

Your eyes are something that most people take for granted. You expect to open them and see the world in all its glory. But there are times when you want to clean your eye and doing it correctly is important. The proper way to clean it your eye depends on what has gotten into it.


When you get something small in your eyes like a piece of dirt or a bit of pollen, your tears are the best way to remove it. They are nature’s protection and their job is to keep your eyes moist and the moistness will allow you to remove the irritant.

It is easy to get your eyes to tear more than usual by bringing the upper lid over your lower lashes and blinking three or four times, building up tears. This will help flush out whatever is in your eye.


If something gets into your eye that is dangerous it is important to get it out as fast as you can. Splashing it with cool water is the best thing to do. Keep flushing it with the water until the substance has been washed out.

If you feel burning or your eye is very red and irritated or your vision is blurry, it is time for the ER and an eye specialist.  If you have crust or mucus that has hardened on your eyelid, warm water and a washcloth can help to break it up, dab but never rub until you can open your eye.

Eye Specialist

Certain circumstances may be indicative of the need to visit an eye specialist. If you can’t get the irritant out of your eye, if the eye is painful, if your eye is sensitive to light or the symptoms persist for more than a day or two, get professional help.

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