The pros and cons of the cantilever racking system

 The pros and cons of the cantilever racking system

You have a large warehouse, and you are thinking of using a cantilever racking system to store your products. Cantilever racking systems are a part of the heavy-duty racking system. There are also light-duty racking systems that can be used if you have small products to store. Suppose you want a light-duty racking system installed, checkout light duty racking Malaysia.

Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are used to store awkward and long loads that cannot be stored via means of the traditional tracking system. In this case, the longboards are items like wood, timber, plywood, trusses, pipes, et cetera. For the storage of such materials, there are not many options in racking systems. Therefore, the cantilever racking system has been introduced to facilitate the storage of such items. If you stack such products on the floor, you will be sacrificing a lot of the foot space. Therefore, cantilever racking is employed to store such items, taking advantage of the warehouse’s height. If you stack products on the floor, your storage cost will reduce. However, you will only be able to store a limited amount of material. If you opt for cantilever racking, you will have to spend a little extra initially. But it will pay for itself in the long term when you do not have to lease another warehouse and have a lot of food space.

How does cantilever racking work?

Cantilever racking Malaysia makes use of uprights that have been secured into tall and strong bases. These bases come with arms and braces. The items are stored on the arms attached to the mount on the base. The arms can be referred to as an extension of the braces. These arms allow you to accommodate long, oddly shaped, bulky, or oversized loads which are otherwise extremely difficult to store. Therefore, you use all three dimensions of your space by stacking up up to the ceiling or as high as your equipment lifting machine allows you to.

What are the advantages of the cantilever racking system?

  • The setting up and installation of cantilever racking is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • You can reconfigure cantilever racking to accommodate a watch variety of clothes.
  • Since there are no traditional shelves, you can store a large variety of roads loads by reconfiguration.
  • The handling time of long loads reduces due to the configuration of cantilever racking.
  • It increases warehouse productivity by making the product more accessible and easier to store.
  • You can purchase additional arms, change the length, add to your storage possibilities, and make room for various load types.

Disadvantages of the cantilever racking system

Compared to floor racking, cantilever racking requires a lot more financial investment during the initial period.

The racking has to be custom designed depending on the load you need to accommodate and the size of your warehouse.

The design should consider the aisle space that would be present between each of the racks, and the shelves should be large enough for material handling equipment or forklifts to maneuver.

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