The Right Essence for the Right CBD Boxes Now

The polymers most used in CBD packaging are polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP). They are coded and printed on the bottom of the plastic packages to facilitate separate collection and recycling. The different materials are chosen according to their characteristics of transparency, gas and water vapor permeability, application during storage (freezing, refrigeration, etc.), final use of the product (regeneration of the product in microwave, traditional oven, etc.). Choosing the Custom printed CBD boxes is an wise choice there.

Why Proper CBD Packaging Is Important?

Today, simply browsing through online shopping sites, we can observe that almost all CBD products like CBD oil, juice, gummies etc. as this currently represents the best technological way to properly store CBD at a reasonable cost and giving the product an attractive aesthetic appearance, effective protection from mechanical and thermal damage and, finally, high ease of transport (given the importance that logistics plays today in the world CBD supply chain).

You can find in the butchery department, allow the CBD to be stored safely, guaranteeing an excellent thermal barrier and formidable mechanical resistance. It is a light and hygienic packaging, made up of 95% air and the remaining 5% of plastic material. Choosing such a CBD Box is also an option.

Also not to be overlooked is its recyclability or, better said, its possibility of re-use, as all plastic packaging is recyclable but only a small part is re-used for the same or other uses. Even the waste disposal system must undoubtedly be modified, especially in developing countries, as evidenced by this sentence which, although it may seem unscientific, perfectly conveys the idea.

The public finds it difficult to distinguish packaging (designed to enhance a product), from packaging (designed to protect goods in the warehouse and during transport), yet they are two very distinct elements, governed by very different regulations and laws.

Difference between Design Packaging and Protective Packaging

Design packaging and protective packaging are distinguished both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

The main purpose of the design packaging is to highlight the product, convey its commercial image and attract the consumer’s attention. This does not mean that the packaging does not also have a protective function, but when it is designed, the materials, shapes and colors are carefully chosen by virtue of the design and aesthetic value. These elements are then made to reconcile with the logistical needs of the product and with the legal obligations, which define the necessary characteristics of the package so that it can be sold. Choosing the best CBD Labels also important here.

Protective packaging is chosen with the aim of protecting the goods and preserving their qualities, but (just like for packaging) this does not necessarily mean that they cannot perform other functions as well.

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