The sales jobs are a trend in UAE

 The sales jobs are a trend in UAE

The job market of UAE offers new to everyone in terms of creativity and opportunity. The lifestyle, culture and tax free heaven has gone on to make it an ideal destination for job seeking aspirants. In fact the driving force of the economy is quality manpower. People from all wakes of life land on the shores for better job opportunities.  If you go on to analyse he classified sites in UAE a major chunk of them are related to sales jobs. A vibrant job market in UAE provides job opportunities for both individuals along with seasoned job seekers. Be it the hotel, retail or food industry sales does work out to be a major component.

It is not only about a good sales job and a hefty pay packet, you avail a chance to meet and interact with new people. The sales job is not a customary 9 to 5 job and the more you put efforts, better chances of reward. Sales are not a full time job but provide a wide network of customers and friends. Not many jobs can match up to the social networking opportunities that it goes on to provide. In a way it is inspiring and challenging with a flexible work schedule.

The benefits arising from working in the sales stream

  • Develops skills- sales jobs work out to be multi faced means you pick up a variety of skills like how to influence people, being the favourite of the crowd and earn new friends. With other job openings you might be stuck to a specific industry, sales along with marketing throws open various opportunities whereby you are provided with a flexible career path.
  • Better earning potential- it is not only salary a sales person goes on to receive, commission, bonus along with other benefits. The moment you put in a little bit of effort earning potential seems to be endless.
  • Flexible working module- While most jobs have a fixed working schedule, with sales job you tend to have a flexible work schedule. You do possess the freedom to manage your own schedule and work on the basis of it.
  • Learning opportunity at a recurring level- the sales job provides you with an endless amount of learning opportunities, due to changes in technology or fluctuations in the economy as this has an impact on the sales industry. By the learning process your career growth is enhanced, with hands on experience along with competence to take up high end roles. Most classified sites in UAE showcase the fact that sales are a job where they are unlimited learning opportunities.

It goes without saying that sales in a rewarding job. You can say it is much more that. You develop skills, more people you interact coupled with monetary benefits and the career choice goes on to put in a different league together.

To sum it up a sales job provides you endless opportunities for personal and professional development. For the first time go getters it is a path to success.

Teresa Martinez

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