The UV Curing System   

 The UV Curing System    

The OmniCure S1500 Spot UV curing machine provides industry-leading UV mercury lamp technology with unmatched, industry-standard technology. The OmniCure® S1500 Spot curing machine is the industry leader in UV mercury lamp temperature optimized curing and temperature/pressure sensing. Utilizing the most advanced technology and brightest, most responsive UV mercury lamps, this machine works in various capacities ranging from the minor fixture to the largest factory plant. When coupled with an OmniCure R1000 mass spectrometer, the S1500’s UV mercury lamp results in unmatched, repeatable, adhesive UV mercury lamp results in maximum accuracy and maximum results for your production run.

The S1500 utilizes a fully automatic process that includes multiple laser-controlled cycles, high-frequency switching, and accurate microprocessor programming for precise, reliable UV curing and spot curing. The fully automated process allows for higher quality with less operator intervention. With a variety of interchangeable parts and an easy-to-follow instruction manual, this machine is very user-friendly. The device is designed to maintain high output with minimal operator supervision, allowing it to be used in applications ranging from small spot curing jobs to large factory plants. In addition to high quality and reliability, this manufacturing equipment is economical, using less energy and costing less to purchase and install.

The machine incorporates a two-stage mercury lamp that produces more accurate color matching than the one-stage lamp of the S1500 model. This two-stage mercury-halide lamp emits light at wavelengths of yellow/red/green. The machine also features an optical OmniCure technology that permits the user to control the intensity of the UV mercury beam for precise color matching. In addition to improved color matching ability, this machine incorporates a high throughput rate of producing the most accurate color matching possible.

The Spot UV Curing System provides superb repeatability in a variety of cutting processes. This machine offers up to fifteen cycles of repeatability in a high load area. The system can also produce four hundred patterns of different colors, which allows for complete customization of the pattern or color palette.

The SpotUV produces an overall high level of output of white light. This white light is highly controllable by the user. The OmniCure Technology allows the user to manually adjust the exposure of the spot curing light guides for brighter, longer-lasting light, or a shorter burst of white light, depending on the need. Manual control of the white light output allows greater control over the finished product. It also provides for a more economical production run due to the lower need for electricity.

The unique characteristics of OmniCure Technology allow the creation of high-quality, bright, and beautiful products. With UV curing systems, you can reduce the risk of causing excess damage to your UV film by controlling the ultraviolet light. For example, you can create bottomless holes with very little penetration.

The OmniCure is available with a fifty-hour lamp life and extended lamp life, allowing for quick turnaround times of your products. The patented OmniCure technology is the key to the highly bright and long-lasting white light produced. In addition, the patented OmniCure Technology delivers a high level of color matching capability. This allows for highly accurate color matching of your printed materials to your final products. However, due to the spot color matching capability, it cannot easily match colors between various photos and film projects. The unique white light emission, coupled with the extremely bright white color, eliminates this problem.

With the OmniCure technology and UV curing systems, you can create perfect reproductions of your printed images. These are also ideal for building or repairing cracks in UV ray-sensitive materials. The UV curing systems work by producing an intense heat burst to vaporize any existing spots instantly. The S1500 Spot UV Curing System works by having four different levels of UV radiation, which is designed to treat all of the four phases of UV rays simultaneously.


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