Theme Park Management Software

Key Features Every Theme Park Software Should Possess

Ticketing Software

Quality theme park software should include ticketing software custom designed for the amusement park. Customization of software eliminates confusion about useless functions and menus that only make things harder for users.

Season Passes

Season passes earn you profit while helping guests save money. This is evident when guests visit the park; they spend money on souvenirs, snacks, and other things. Theme park software should enable guests purchase season passes online or in person. It should also have an option for printable e-tickets.

Group Packages

What could be better than going to a theme park as a group? Theme park management software should ease the process of selling and buying group passes, which are ideal for school trips, church groups, and youth organizations. People are likely to purchase tickets in bulk for a bigger group than they do for individuals, and a simple interface will ease the ordering process without much struggle.

Third-party Integration

Some amusement park guests prefer purchasing amusement park or concert tickets through third-party companies, such as TicketNetwork and StubHub. Efficient theme park software supports third-party applications. This eventually leads to an increase in ticket sales as they are available in many places.

Point-of-Sale Software

Theme parks can benefit a lot from a quality POS system as it is the epicenter of all park’s operations. Theme park software works well with printable e-tickets to enable guests’ book their tickets online.

Admission Control

Running an amusement park requires an efficient admission procedure as guests access the park through wristbands, season passes, printed tickets, and more. During the design of a software system, it should be customized for speed gates, turnstiles and other entryways. Park admissions can also be managed by biometric validation and barcode scanning. The features ensure that traffic flow into the park isn’t hindered by numerous entrance methods.

Visitor Management

Visitor management involves tracking how visitors explore the theme park. It includes collection of data on the frequency of visits, their preferred attractions and rides, and the gift shops and restaurants they buy visit. Efficient theme park software should incorporate visitor management, helping to organize and gather the data to help make decisions in the future.

Digital Signage Maps

These are used to provide the guests with information as they explore the park. Digital signs alert guests about ride closures, park news, advertise restaurant offers, and display park maps. A quality software developer should explain the entire procedure starting with developing custom software to ensuring that it is user friendly. Good theme park software should have all necessary features to help the park effectively use signs, such as implementing third-party applications and content creation.

Lastly, the software should collect and store maintenance data to aid in timely theme park maintenance. Maintenance workers can be trained at ITI College to acquire efficient theme park maintenance skills.

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