Things that one should show when they take the partner to live in the UK

 Things that one should show when they take the partner to live in the UK

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Are you like to take your partner, husband, or wife to come and stay with you in the UK. Then they need the visa and also it depends on the place your partner from. When you get the right to live in the country permanently then you can easily apply for your partner. They can come and live with you permanently. If you live in the UK on your visa then your partner should attend some of the exams where a1 english test for spouse visa is one of the important things. Other than this,

  • They have to apply for the general visa of dependant Tier 2 visa holder
  • They have to apply for the Tier 4 dependant visa holder
  • Your partner wants to apply the family reunion when you are under the condition of refugees and having the humanitarian protection.

Under the condition of the relationships, you can take your partner to live with you in the UK. They want to be your civil partner, proposed civil partner, husband, wife, or fiance. Or else they want to be your partner who loved with you for more than 2 years.

Rules that follows:

Rules and regulations are different for the above types are different but you must submit the details that you are wealthy enough to support your partner and proving that your relationship is true and genuine.

Your partner doesn’t need to be outside the UK. They can apply from inside that comes under the conditions of they stay in the UK without having the visitor’s visa, not applying as fiancé, have to stay up to the limited years. If they have a visa for 6 months then they cannot be allowed to switch for the partner visa when they are staying in the UK. In such circumstances, they have to leave the UK and then re-enter as a partner by applying again.

Meeting the financial requirement is one of the terms that use in the spouse visa where you want to take your partner to live with you in the UK then you have to earn a certain amount or you should have the proper savings that brings that you are sufficient to take care of your partner financially.

In the case when your partner brings your children to the UK with them, it is necessary for you to earn an extra amount for the first child of about 3800 pounds, if you have more than one child then 2400 pounds for each child. If you are bringing the children who have citizenship into the UK. So you don’t need to pay any amount for the children.

If you are under the following one benefits then no necessary for you to meet any financial requirements. When you have allowance for disability living, allowance for severe disablement, attendance allowance, carer allowance, police injury pension, and many other such benefits.

Adequate maintenance is the other important term in this spouse visa where the person having the about benefits at least one then no necessity for them to show the financial stability. They can show that receiving the money from the work is right enough to face the circumstances.

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