Things to avoid in bed to make her happy

 Things to avoid in bed to make her happy

The escort Basel gets an opportunity to sleep with different guys and hence she has summed up some personal tips on what you should never do in bed if you want to turn a woman on and make her happy.

Treat her nipples as otter pops

Nipples don’t play any major role in sex. But often a guy would literally do anything for it, like enjoying breastfeeding. Some guy’s bite harder than a newborn. Well, it is not comfortable at all, leave aside being erotic. Nipples are extremely sensitive and hence shouldn’t be treated harshly. Gentle licking and sucking is great but don’t pinch or hurt.

Offering silent treatment

Often guys are great with actions but silent as a log. Well, it’s kind of boring to have sex with someone who is mute. Even if dirty talk isn’t your genre, you can still moan. At least tell your girl you are enjoying it. Little words and sounds added to sex moves can create magic.

Saying no to condoms

Well, if you are going for casual sex and hiring escort Basel, then you should definitely wear a condom. Rejecting is the most illogical thing and may turn off your partner. Contracting an STD is no way supported by any escort or girl unless you are planning a baby.

Claiming yourself to be a sex god

Well, men often claim themselves to be a sex beast. But the worst thing they can do is over-promise or fail to deliver. Empty promises may turn off your woman. So, do yourself a favor and do not brag. No woman expects it to be the best sex of her life, but make sure you don’t make vague promises.

Ignoring the foreplay

Some guys just want the real show without any foreplay. Believe you me, a good foreplay genuinely turns a woman on. Some caressing, old oil massage, little kissing will do it for you. Remember, it takes more for women to get aroused than just wanting you. Also, foreplay makes the whole act simpler and also doesn’t make a woman feel objectified. Remember the benefit goes both ways.

Being too confident about your size

Well, guys love to get praised about their big cock size. However, if it is great, then the escorts will praise you on their own. You don’t have to blow your own trumpet. A man will only do it if he is insecure about it. Do not do that.

Interrogating your partner during sex

Well, most men ask- is this okay, is that fine? This is not necessary. You don’t need validation for everything. It is unattractive and under-confident. Women don’t have sex for a question answer session. All you need to do is make her feel wanted, happy and fill all her desires and you will certainly have the best experience of your life.

Hire escort Basel to have an amazing experience. Even if you are a virgin and not very good with girls, they will help you out.

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