Things Your Home Builder Doesn’t Tell You

 Things Your Home Builder Doesn’t Tell You

Building a house can be stressful enough when you have a fully working, safe house at the end, but it’s even worse when there are lingering problems and a sneaking suspicion your home builders are ignoring your calls. Avoid post-building issues by addressing these unspoken beliefs before they’re a problem:

  1. Building codes are easy to get around

Ask your home builders questions about regulation standards, then double check them. Your home builders won’t tell you that public inspectors aren’t very thorough, but it’s worth the money to hire a private building inspector to make sure your new house is up to code.

  1. Cutting corners is okay

If you suspect your home builders are starting to cut corners to meet a deadline, convey that you’d prefer the house project to last a few days or weeks longer to get the quality finish you want.

  1. All ground is basically solid

As urban sprawl continues, more houses are being built on areas deemed questionable a decade ago. When looking for a location to build, get a second opinion on the stability of the underlying soil.

  1. The model home is a suggestion

If you’ve been picturing your dream house as the model you toured months ago, time for a reality check. Most model homes use design tricks to make the model more attractive, and everything costs more money. Demand clarity from the beginning to get the house you want.

  1. Home builders only care about getting the contract

Some low-ball contracts are too good to be true and your last finishes take the hit. Many home builders just what to get their check and move on to the next project, but great home builders care about the quality it takes to get there.

Teresa Martinez

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