Tips for Renting Duffy Boats

Duffy Boat Rentals in Huntington Beach

Are you looking forward to a relaxing weekend with just the right amount of socialization and privacy? If you want to try something new and different than just streaming shows from your couch and ordering in, then getting duffy boat rentals Newport Beach might be something that you could consider.

What are Duffy Boats

First of all, a duffy boat is a type of leisure watercraft perfect for cruising on lakes and rivers. It’s also ideal for some water sports as well as fishing activities. They are known for their luxurious appearance, with comfortable seats that can accommodate a good-sized party, while still offering the full safety and convenience of a bigger-sized boat.

What to Look for in a Duffy Boat

If you’re planning on taking out a duffy boat out to rent, here are some considerations you need to factor in:


Where do you plan to take out the boat? The location is very important for your safety, especially because there are certain limitations to its design. For one, it is not advisable to take out to heavy seas. So if your type of activity is dolphin- or whale-watching, you might want to look into getting a bigger boat than a duffy.

However, if it is for a light cruise down the river, overlooking the sunset, then this is the boat for you.


Actually, it’s more of how many. What is your headcount for this cruise? This matters because it will determine the size of the boat that you will need to get. Good thing there are plenty of options to choose from.

The size will also affect the kinds of activities you intend to carry out on board. Of course, safety should always come first, so don’t try to put the boat at overcapacity just so you can invite everyone to your party. Getting a bigger boat size is the best solution you can have at this point.


Duffy rentals can be pretty in demand, especially during the summer season. You’d want to make a reservation early for your rental so you don’t miss out on your preferred date. Determine also if it’s going to be a day trip or a night trip.

Expect it to be the hottest during noon to mid-afternoon, so if you’re not too fond of the idea, you can instead schedule your trip sometime in the late afternoon when it’s a bit cooler, or maybe even dinner for a more romantic atmosphere.


How long do you intend to use the duffy boat rental? Do know that the longer you use it, the higher the rates will go. If you’re ready to spend for a memorable time, though, then go ahead and book that rental for as long as you want, or as long as the boat company would allow.


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