Tips To Use And Run A Photo Stick


The Photo Stick is a useful tool for backing up your files that you have saved on your mobile phone. This tool will work on most of the phones such as Android and Apple phones and operating systems. You can choose one for you to use from a wide array of sizes and models, features and storage space. Apart from the 64 GB photo stick mobile model you will also get Photo Stick Plus that looks just like an external hard drive and comes with a USB plug. These are expensive than other models and comes with a storage space on one terabyte to hold as many as 100,000 photos as well as large videos and other files. 

To run a Photo Stick

You may not know what exactly you can do with it even knowing about this software tool on the internet. Well, in that case you should read the photo stick reviews to know about the product, its features, the pros and cons and the ways to use it. The tool has a small cap on the top. When you remove this cap, it will reveal the USB stick. This stick extends out from the device and will fit onto any free port on your computer. You will simply have to insert it there but make sure that it fits well onto the port. The computer will read and recognize it and will automatically issue a window that will allow you to run it.

In absence of the window

If no window pops up on your computer, do not panic as there are other ways to find it in your computer. Open My Computer and find the USB icon. This icon will show you that there is something inside the port. Double click on it and your computer will authorize the Photo Stick software to operate. 


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