Tips You Can Use To Select A Hotplate

 Tips You Can Use To Select A Hotplate

Technology is evolving, providing the world with the best alternatives to easing work delivery. The development of hotplates is slowly replacing the work of Bunsen burners in laboratories. They are safer, more manageable, and controllable alternative open flame apparatuses like the Bunsen burners. There is a variety of hotplates in the market with different features. In your selection of the best stirring hotplate, it is necessary to consider some criteria. Get the best match depending on your application following the tips below. 

Accuracy and stability

The analog hotplates have heating and stirring units without an exact control over stirring speed or temperature. They are easy, reliable, and economical for use while you don’t need precise control. The digital hotplates with electronic feedback control the speed and temperature accurately. They have microprocessor control monitors, which will allow you to monitor and stabilize both features to ensure you get the most accurate results. 

Range and uniformity

There are two major factors to check when you want to determine the hotplate’s range of temperature and its uniformity. First, you need to check the top plate composition. It should be made of either aluminum, ceramic, or porcelain. Secondly, check on the type of temperature control. 

The ceramic top plate is highly resistant to corrosion and heats quickly but doesn’t provide similar temperature uniformity across the plate, and it is prone to thermal shock. Porcelain top plates have an improved temperature uniformity and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum top plates have the ideal temperature uniformity, especially for large hot plate surfaces.  


Hotplates come in different sizes and configurations. Some are small, single-vessel units, while others are large-capacity, multi-unit hotplates. You will find units made for synchronous stirring as well as heating of many vessels. They have individual stir controls, and you can use them for multiple tasks. Depending on the intensity of your work, select the most economical and effective hotplate.

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