Top 10 Airtel Products You Should Know About

 Top 10 Airtel Products You Should Know About

Airtel is one of the largest network companies around the globe. It provides a wide range of products and options to its customers. To all the people who doubt “how to buy Airtel bundles“, you can contact their customer care and clarify your doubts. Now here are a few products by Airtel that are very useful. 

  1. Data Bundles

Earlier food, water, and shelter were necessities for humans. But for today’s modern man, along with food, water, shelter, phone, and data in it have become the necessities. Airtel has the best data bundles. They provide various data bundles like:

  • Daily Bundles – validity up to 24 hours.
  • Seven-Day Bundles – validity up to seven days 
  • 30-Days Bundles – validity up to 30 days
  • 90- Days Bundles – validity up to 90 days 
  1. Kopa Internet 

Kopa internet is a type of Airtel product that allows you to borrow the internet and repay within 72 hours. These bundles have two types of packs. The first one comes with 1-day validity and the second one comes with 7-days validity. 

  1. Voice Bundles 

As the name suggests, Airtel voice bundles allow free calls while it’s Airtel to Airtel. But if it’s to the other networks then there’s a charge for it. Voice bundles come with 24 hours validity, 7 days validity, and 30 days validity. 

  1. SMS

The Airtel SMS bundle is specifically designed for only messages. This bundle doesn’t include data or internet, and voice calls. 

  1. Blended Bundles 

Blended bundles have all options like data, calls, and SMS. There are types in blended bundles like a smart postpaid, unlimited, unlimited hybrid. 

  1. Roaming Bundles 

Roaming bundles are mostly useful to people who keep traveling very often. There are types of roaming bundles like one Airtel data bundle, global data bundle, and global roaming bundle. 

  1. Airtel Broadband Bundle 

The Airtel broadband bundle allows you to install the internet at your place. Broadband connection has validity for 30 days and 90 days. 

  1. Airtel DTH

Along with mobile network services, Airtel also provided DTH services. All you have to do is install a setup box at your place to watch various channels. 

  1. Airtel App

Airtel App is the most useful resource for Airtel network users. It allows its users to pay bills, recharge mobile phones. It keeps its users updated about the latest offers. 

  1. Wynk Music 

Wynk is a music app by Airtel. Airtel users have a lot of benefits using this music app. 

So, these are the 10 Airtel products that everyone should know about. 

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