Top 10 Best Free Keyloggers for Employee Monitoring 2022

 Top 10 Best Free Keyloggers for Employee Monitoring 2022

What is a key logger?

A keylogger is a legal form of spyware that helps you monitor the employees’ work on the computer but stealthily, as Harvard law understands. A company uses them to monitor what the employees are doing on their computers. The data protected by passwords can be monitored as well using a keylogger. However, the exception is they do not harm the target device. There are many free keyloggers available on the internet.

  • Work examiner is one of the best keyloggers on the internet. Though this software has a premium subscription, still most of the companies use this keylogger for its ultimate features. You get a free trial before subscription. If you want a keylogger software with screenshots of the employee’s computer, record everything on the employee’s computer, providing screenshots, and many more, this keylogger is for best your company. It also lets you know the websites and the programs the employee is using. It also provides remote workflows monitoring.
  • Spyrix free keylogger, this keylogger is for you if you have never used a keylogger before. A simple user interface and better experience with multiple features like remote cloud monitoring for free and password protection. However, this keylogger also provides a premium subscription to access more features.
  • Kidinspector also manages to be on the list. This software is more kind of parental control. It gives you access to features like monitoring social media apps on any computer and records all keystrokes. If you want to monitor the activity of the child, this is a good choice.
  • Actual keylogger is another keylogger popular among parents. One of the best features of this keylogger is the invisible mode. It records the keypresses, running, and closed programs and provides a complete report of the recording.
  • REFOG Free Keylogger is also a good choice if you want only the basic features of keylogging like just monitoring the computer and invisible mode. It is preferred because of the ease to use and installation.
  • Iwantsoft keylogger can also be a good choice for home as well as business purposes. With features of a basic keylogger, it can also be recommended.
  • Best Free keylogger is a premium software, but its free version can meet all your needs.
  • Revealer Keylogger free is a very basic keylogger but useful and easy to install and use.
  • Ardamax is another free keylogger that provides you with features like chat monitoring, screen recording, and remote controlling.
  • Basic keylogger is a free keylogger that provides you every basic feature like keyboard key presses, mouse clicks, and remote controlling.

            Out of these keylogger workexaminer is the best keylogger with all the features required to monitor the employee’s activity. It is best for business purposes. To download visit

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