Top 3 spy apps for android cell phones in 2020 

 Top 3 spy apps for android cell phones in 2020 

Technology has become so much advanced over the last decade and spy market on the web has made its way to the next level. The mobile phone spy apps empower you to sneak into the target smartphone and tablet devices once you have installed it on the target device. Further, the user can get to know all the activities happen on the target device remotely without having physical access on the target device in real-time. However, the process of installation, features, compatibility, and price could be different. We have accumulated and tested the best android monitoring software in the business in 2020. Let’s get to know about the top three tracking apps for cellphones.

TheOneSpy Android surveillance software

Using TheOneSpy you can monitor cellphone and tablet gadgets without having possession of the device. However, you need to install it first on the target mobile device. It’s been developed initially to set parental control on kids’ and teens’ mobile phones. So, you can use it for digital parenting to make sure kids and teens safe online especially on social media platforms, browsing activities, and from bullies and stalkers present on the web and at digital playgrounds. Moreover, you can use it as employee monitoring software on companies owned devices. 

So, track activities of employees in working hours such as browsing activities, record phone calls, monitor emails and perform live screen recording to see live activities of employees on digital devices. Besides, you can do surveillance on employees working outside the premises of the company by tracking the live GPS location of the company’s owned mobile devices. The third and groundbreaking attributes of TOS comes in with strengthening your relationships. The bombardments of technology often put your relationship into trouble. So, you can install an android mobile phone spying app on each other’s cellphone with mutual consent and keep tracking each other being in a relationship.

TOS is compatible with all kinds of android devices whether mobile or tablet, price is quite reasonable, and last but not the least it has full of pros rather than cons. 

TheOneSpy Mobile Tracking App for Android 

You can use TheOneSpy for a variety of reasons such as for a parenting point of view and you will get to know what kids are doing on the web browser with a complete time stamp. Furthermore, you can monitor the social media activities of children all day long and further to control inappropriate activities such as X-rated activities. You can remotely block internet activities, block messaging with the online predators and strangers and further you can block incoming calls remotely with an android remote controller app powered by TheOneSpy. It further empowers you to track the pinpoint location of kids and you will get to know about the exact spot of the whereabouts they have. So, you can get closer to your child at the time of danger and you can come to know their every single activity on the web at the time and place of your choosing TheOneSpy web control panel. You can record and listen to live cellphone calls, perform live screen recording and last but not the least you can read text messages sent or received on target android tablet or mobile device. It further empowers the user to use it to monitor employee’s activities on android devices. Employers can prevent fishy activities, time-wasting and data temper activities of the company’s secrets.

TheOneSpy is the best surveillance app for androids and perfect for digital parenting and for business safety. It is compatible with all android devices, reasonable in price but effective in working. 

Net Nanny Parental Monitoring Software for Android 

Net Nanny preferably is amazing especially when you have concerns over kids’ and teens’ online safety on android devices. It provides you visibility and remote control on kid’s online activities. You can use the Net Nanny parental control app for android to filter the internet and provide safe internet experience to children online. So, you can block adult content and websites that lead youngsters to bad activities such as social media websites and apps. You can filter websites, social media and excessive screen time of children on an android device.

Net Nanny creates issues because of a few features, high price, and complex installation process.


The Top 3 android monitoring software is the best in the business. If you choose one out of three then you should go for the first one and but the second one preferably become well because of the low price.


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