Top 4 Reasons To Add a Second Level To Your House

If your family needs more space but you don’t want to leave the house you’re in, you may have thought about adding another level to your home. Whether your family’s been growing or you simply want more space to call your own, a big home renovation project like adding a second floor has plenty of upsides. However, tackling the construction aspect can in and of itself be a challenge sometimes, so you’ll want to carefully consider whether building another level really is the right choice for you. If you’re stumped, here are a few great reasons to add a second level to your home.

  1. You’re Already Where You Want To Be

When it comes to real estate, location is key. If you’re already in a great location and are happy exactly where you are, simply renovating your home could be the right move. That way, you get some extra space without having to sacrifice the location you love. On the other hand, if you’re not particularly enthused about the location, make sure the renovation isn’t just an excuse to put off moving. If you’re not in the place you want to be longer-term, it might make more sense to simply buy a new house in a different neighborhood than to spend time and money adding to a house in a less-than-ideal area.

  1. You Want To Increase Resale Value

It goes without saying that when you add more square footage and modern upgrades to your home, its value is going to go up. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, taking the time to improve it now could potentially yield great returns. Despite the cost of the project, the increased resale value could just make it all worth it.

  1. You Want To Keep Your Yard

When considering adding space to your house, one possibility is to build out into the yard. However, this will, of course, entail losing backyard space in favor of more indoor square footage. If you love your yard, you don’t need to make the tough decision between more house space and a beautiful backyard. You can simply build up instead of out! In this case, a second story could provide you the extra space you need while allowing you to maintain the charm of having a nice backyard.

  1. You Can Infuse Your Personal Style

If you bought your home from a previous owner, odds are there’s something about your first floor that you might have done differently had you been able to build the house from scratch. While you might not be able to change that, you certainly can design a second floor exactly to your liking!

Sometimes you simply need more space, whether it’s to accommodate a growing family or just to feel less cramped. Adding a second level to your home can have lots of benefits, from adding square footage and resale value to providing room to expand. It can also be a lengthy undertaking, though, so it’s good to evaluate your reasons for building another floor before getting started. Ask yourself about these four key factors, and you can make the right decision with confidence.

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