Top 5 Folding Knives for the Outdoors

 Top 5 Folding Knives for the Outdoors

A folding knife is a sound investment whether you’re looking to purchase one for survival in the outdoors or are looking to keep something around so you’re always prepared.  Folding knives are also called pocket knives and come in various shapes and sizes, with a plethora of options to choose from. Here are the top folding knives for the outdoors:

1. Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

The three-inch Kershaw Leek blade is rigged on a system that is ambidextrous so it can be used effectively in either hand. The serrations near the base of the blade offer a layer of versatility while the sharp tip gives the knife piercing capability. The integrated pocket clip can be configured to either carry the knife tip-up or tip-down. There’s also a hole in the handle so that the knife can be threaded onto a lanyard. 

2. Victorinox EvoWood Swiss Army Knife

The handles of this knife are made from leftover walnut wood that would otherwise become waste from the other production. Every single tool in the folding knife utility is made of stainless steel that is recyclable once the knife is no longer useful. This knife is known for its incredibly durable and reliable Swiss Army knives packed with every tool you would ever need for any situation. 

3. Kershaw Cryo G-10 Knife

This budget-friendly knife comes in a handy length of 2.75 inches, featuring a lightweight handle along with a stainless-steel blade designed for high retention and durability. The frame lock and lock bar stabilizer ensures that the sharp edges are safely protected when kept in a pocket. The deep-carry pocket clip can be adjusted into four different positions based on personal preference. 

4. Kershaw Blur Pocket Knife

This pocket knife comes with a longer blade that is made from high-end S30V steel that is durable and anti-corrosive in nature. The liner-lock lining mechanism ensures that the edges are safely stowed away when not in use while the integrated clip keeps the blade securely in place. The level of serration at the base of the blade and the amount of curve at the tip can be adjusted. 

5. SOG Trident Tactical Folding Knife

This knife comes with a number of features making it suitable for heavy and hard EDC use. The arc actuator as well as the SOG-Assisted Technology allows for easy one-hand opening. The secure piston locks and release mechanism enable easy opening and closing of the blades. A Glass-Reinforced Nylon handle upholds the blade, featuring a groove specifically for cutting cords and cables, and can be used when the knife is closed. The blade is just under 4 inches and is coated in black titanium nitride which offers peel-resistant and scratch-resistant protection. is Alaska’s best manufacturer of hunting and survival knives including straight knives, Ulu knives, pocket Ulu knives, folding knives. Their products are made with AUS8 steel, Damascus, and 440 steal. They have skilled hand carving artists who make use of antlers, bones, and fossils for knife handles and nature carvings, offering a wide selection of exotic material handles. 

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