Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Online Shopping

 Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Online Shopping

Today we all are familiar with the term artificial intelligence which is used for any digital computer or computer-controlled robot which have the ability to carry out a task which is or are usually performed by we humans with help of our intelligence or and discernment although no AI has been developed till date which can carry out the wide array of activities we can do.

Ginni Rometty who is an American business executive, and serving executive of chairman of IBM truly remarked about AI “Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

But still many models have been developed to date which is performing brilliantly and when they are not, they are learning from their errors and improvising. One of many such models has been applied to the eCommerce industry as well which has been delivering many practical and useful outputs.

This AI so far has achieved providing customers with desired personalization to targeting the potential customers to increase the sales and even guiding them ahead based on their previous searches and purchases for future purchases or sales.

With such developments taking place we have brought the Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Online Shopping experiences not only for the consumers but as well as retailers too.

Create customer-centric search:

One of the most common problems faced by every e-commerce business is the customers not making any more searches due to less relevant products which leads to the slacking of sales. But now with the help of AI one get optimum search results based on the application of machine learning, which is also a sub-field of AI, by which websites and apps can now provide a more vivid experience to the consumers with visual enabled search This is a groundbreaking development in online shopping arena as now we do not have a scroll through thousands of products and websites just to search for that one product we saw somewhere.

Identify exceptional target prospects:

With the aid of AI now, various e-commerce businesses can generate leads in much less time with timely intelligence, as well as grow potentially by leveraging from the AI marketing solutions such as sales and CRM which any business can use for predictive marketing. For example, we can look at GroupBy Inc. which develops software as a services platform. Groupby Software offers e-commerce solutions that transform the way retailers interact with their consumers online. GroupBy serves customers in the United States and Canada.

Create a more efficient sales process:

Running a marketing campaign can generating leads and converting them into sales has been always a challenge for most of the business. But now by integrating AI’s natural language learning and voice recognition capabilities into the CRM Opened a new doorway to attend customer queries as well as resolving any issue to even capitalizing from any sales opportunities.

Improve recommendations for customers:

If we will look at our online recommendations and suggestions they have been very much optimized and personalized according to our have been mainly due to the smart and efficient work done by AI of scanning tons of data we tend to browser and based on the same, it also predicts our behavior offering us relevant recommendations and suggestions. Not only us but a lot many e-commerce stores and sites have been reaping immense benefit out of the increased sales from it.

Introduce virtual personal shoppers:

No matter if we can afford an actual assistant in real life for shopping and other purposes. But eCommerce sites have taken one step ahead to create an on-line assistant to assist us online. It can be often very tiring and monotonous to browse for us through various browse categories and searching with various keywords and applying filters.

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