Top Four Best Things About Fall

 Top Four Best Things About Fall

Fall has finally arrived! Welcome to the cool temperatures and kids on the way to school. Hello to the changing leaves and pumpkin spice flavors. One of the best things about this season is the holiday fashions. Dressing up for Halloween is fun for the young and young at heart. Before long, it will be time to buy ties for dad and girls Christmas dresses.

Here are the top four best things about Fall.


Entertainment has become a serious part of our lives. From reality TV to video games, we live in a world of amusement. Most of the time, we have to focus on the real world. As boring as it can be, we have to dress like adults every day. Halloween is the one day of the year we can really act out of our wardrobe.

Does your little girl act like a princess every day? Today you can send her to school in a formal dress and tiara.  Do you want to be a clown? Dress up like the star of the three-ringed circus and head to work. How can you not enjoy that?

Back to school

Kids and some college students may disagree with this number. Parents however usually love back to school season. Once they finish shopping for school supplies, they can pay the fees for activities. Then they can sit back and enjoy sending kids to school every morning. Homework is also a nifty reason to get them off the video game or cell phone.

Before long, parents are buying swimwear and dancewear for afterschool activities.  Don’t forget to buy the new leotards for the gymnastics competition!

New shows on tv

Another nice thing about the Fall is all the new television shows.  Each year a growing number of channels launch new character journeys. Some of them fizzle out within months, and others are lucky to last two seasons.  Occasionally, a station will create a program that provides long-lasting entertainment.

The excitement of discovering the new possibilities each year is almost unbearable!

Falling temperatures

If you love fashion, you have to love Fall.  While summer fashions are great, the heat can make coordinating an outfit difficult. Too many layers can cause sweating, and many materials are simply too heavy. The falling temperatures provide opportunities to match accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves.

Even though Christmas is a few days past Fall, most Holiday events occur before Winter. Buying those girls Christmas dresses and boys formal wear creates memories for life.

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Teresa Martinez

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