Twitter Marketing Guide: What’s the Ideal Twitter Header Size?

 Twitter Marketing Guide: What’s the Ideal Twitter Header Size?

Twitter allows you to meet new people and grow your business. Over 200 million people use Twitter every day to follow individuals and brands.

Your Twitter page acts as your first impression. If people like what they see, they will read your tweets and follow you.

A professional profile picture of yourself or your company’s logo will help. However, your avatar alone won’t produce a stunning first impression.

Before applying any Twitter marketing tips, work on your header. Your Twitter header stands out more than your profile picture.

A header is more than four times the size of an avatar. It takes up considerable real estate on your Twitter profile.

Knowing the Twitter header size will significantly affect your first impression. A header too small or large will not format correctly. We’ll share the right Twitter header size and some tips.

What Is The Best Twitter Header Size?

Twitter recommends a header size of 1500×500 pixels. These dimensions yield a 3:1 aspect ratio.

You have an advantage if you use a Twitter header size at these dimensions. Followers can easily view the elements of your Twitter header.

Is your image slightly off those dimensions? You might have to crop out parts of the image to fit Twitter’s sizes. However, these efforts can reduce your header’s quality.

You can use a free photo size editor to edit your picture. You can set the image to 1500×500 pixels, so it’s ready for Twitter.

A Common Twitter Header Mistake

Your Twitter header covers more space than your profile picture. However, the profile picture gets overlaid on top of your header.

Any text or elements on the bottom left of your header will get blocked. When creating a Twitter header, leave this part of your header empty.

Focus on the center and right side of your header. You can also incorporate the top left portion of your header.

Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Header

The best Writer headers provide relevant information about your business. They communicate what you do and how you help followers.

In your header, show how you can serve your audience. You can include your production schedule and a picture of your latest product.

You can change your Twitter header to fit certain occasions. Some authors change their Twitter headers right before book launches to increase sales. Companies often display coupon codes and other calls to action in their headers.

You can also change your header to reflect the holidays and seasons. You can have a snowy background in the winter and a sunny background in the summer.

Twitter Marketing Starts With Profile Optimization

Getting the right Twitter header size lets you optimize your profile. Writing a compelling bio lets people know what you do and who you help.

These Twitter profile tips take little time to implement. You can set and forget profile optimizations while doing consistent Twitter marketing.

Want to learn more about using Twitter to grow your business? This blog has many resources to assist you on your journey.

Chris Jorioso

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