Types of Shirts What you Should Know?

 Types of Shirts What you Should Know?

They are one of the most common, comfortable and stylish functional garments that exist and surely, many of us have several is Kobe Bryant shirts. As we know that you like them a lot, from Personalized T-shirts we will be talking a little about the types of shirts: What you should know, so you will know a little more about these infallible garments.

It will help you give you selection criteria in case it prompts you to buy one. Let’s not wait any longer and start with the post! It is really entertaining and we are sure you will take advantage of it.

Most Popular

We believe that one of the most basic items in anyone’s wardrobe, in addition to jeans, are t-shirts, due to the versatility they offer. Some adapt completely to any outfit while others offer this “extra touch” that you need to look stylish with our T-shirts, it’s depending on how you wear them, you can look formal or informal. You should know that there are two types of t-shirts, those of a classic style, which have known how to adapt and transcend, since they never go out of style, and those that go hand in hand with trends, which allow us to be a little more risky and to offer other types of “looks”.

Fortunately, we will tell you about the types of shirts: What you should know. The most common are the following, keep them in mind to choose the perfect shirt:

  • Regular t-shirt: It can be unicolor, printed or nautical. It offers versatility since it can be used with almost any other garment, they have attractive designs that in some cases can be customized, which will give much more style, they are informal, but you can combine them with a blazer. If you want to personalize your t-shirt, the “Ring spun” are the ideal ones, their finish is much finer which makes a print with greater definition be achieved.
  • Sports T-shirt: These are special for physical activities, they are usually made of thin synthetic materials that perspire to keep people cool, allowing their physical performance to increase. They are one of the basic shirts for men.
  • T-shirt with a “v” neck: It is not recommended for thin people, in the case of men, you should not choose one with the neck too low, as it will look like a cleavage.
  • T-shirt with a collar: Also known as “polo”, they are useful and adapt to any style, in summer times you can use them in very intense colors, if they are combined well, they become a formal garment.

Factors to Consider

You already know what the most common types of t-shirts are and know aboutKobe Bryant laker jersey, but it’s time for you to know everything. When choosing one of these garments, you must take into account different factors that will help determine which one is best suited to you. Weight is a point to consider, this is the weight of fabric per square meter, keep in mind that because one garment is heavier than another does not mean that its quality is higher. There are many types of thicknesses, depending on the occasion, the ideal for a light garment would be 140-150 gr / m2, medium 165-185 gr / m2, strong up to 200 gr / m2.

The fabric is another factor that you should observe, depending on the one you prefer, there are some that are softer and others are rougher:

  • 100% cotton: It is made of natural fabrics, they are soft and become hypoallergenic, like cotton towels.
  • Rich in cotton: It has many of the properties that this natural fiber has, but with the advantages that polyester provides, it has more facilities for ironing and more vivid colors.
  • Rich in polyester: This makes the colors stay bright and the garment resists the passage of time much more, taking into account that cotton offers softness.
  • 50% cotton-50% polyester: Offers comfort, resistance and balance.
  • 100% polyester: This material shines and is a bit rougher, almost does not wrinkle, they have very bright and resistant colors.
  • 1 × 1 rib: Offers elasticity without resorting to synthetic fibers.
  • Fine Point: Recommended for screen printing.
  • 95% cotton-5% elastane: Offers elasticity and comfort, the garment fits the body.
  • Viscose-rayon: Characterized by its viscosity and drape, they are very easy to iron.
  • Play Dry: Recommended for sports shirts, it is a breathable material and keeps the body dry.
  • Organic cotton: They are natural fibers that have been grown biologically, their cost is higher than regular cotton and some colors are limited, however, they are of high quality.

Don’t Forget to Check the Seams!

To be informed about the types of shirts and what you should know about them, it is important that you take into account the seams, since this factor differentiates one shirt from another, make sure that they do not have loose threads and that they have reinforcements in both the shoulders and neck, as this will make your garment last much longer. Another point that you should take into account is that white shirts tend to have a lower weight than colored ones, for the care of these it is not recommended that they be washed at high temperatures and without bleach.

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