Ultimate Tourist Attractions in Dallas

 Ultimate Tourist Attractions in Dallas

Texas is well known for its cowboys and hot desert environment. But the state is bordered with Mexico and has a plethora of different cultures and worlds for tourists to step into. There are many things to do Dallas. There are things for kids to enjoy and even things to help you learn a thing or two. Or if you just need a place to get some fresh air then you will be happy to know that Dallas is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the United States.

The Arts District

Are you involved or interested in the art world? Check out the nineteen blocks that make up the arts district in Dallas, Texas. The arts district has everything from Art and History museums to beautiful parks and restaurants. The buildings are even artistic. Most of them are being built by award-winning architects. They feature individual artistic design and are definitely not your average skyscrapers. The art district is also home to some of the tallest buildings. So if you are looking for the perfect place to see the entire Dallas town then check out the Dallas art district.

The Extravagant Farmers Market

Do you want to do some shopping when you are in Dallas? There are over 150 vendors year-round. They offer everything from meats, vegetables, and even cheese. It doesn’t just stop at food though. They offer everything from homemade clothing to different beauty and body products. If you are looking for new and interesting products then the place to go to is the Extravagant Farmers Market.

Old Red Museum

The Dallas Courthouse was a big red Roman-style building for nearly sixty years. Now it is a beautiful museum. This museum is more focused on the history of Dallas. There are four different quadrants on the fourth floor that focus on certain time periods in Dallas history. So if you want to know about when Texas was the wild west or if you want to learn about when Texas was still part of Mexico there is a section to learn. This museum is perfect for visitors and locals alike. There is always something new to learn about an area as rich in history as Dallas.

Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Holocaust was a terrible time in the history of the world. But it is a time that should not be forgotten. The Holocaust Museum has attractions that talk about the history of the Holocaust and the World War. It also discusses other human rights issues that have been prevalent across the world and the United States. From the time that women gained the right to vote, to the holocaust, and even into more recent issues such as gender identity. There is something to be learned at this museum.

On a more logistic platform. This museum is 51,000 square feet of information. There are many attractions and even a theater. So whether you are young or old there is something for you to see at the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

In the end, Dallas, Texas is the perfect place for anyone looking to do some learning or do some sightseeing. There are many beautiful buildings and shops for you to enjoy. Check out the Holocaust Museum if you are looking to learn more about world history. If you just want to do some shopping then check out the huge Farmers Market. To learn more about Dallas in particular then check out the Old Red Museum. These areas are the perfect places to vacation if you are looking for fun things to do Dallas!


Teresa Martinez

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